“Edison Coffee Company” in Highland Village, TX

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Out of the box.

If you are from the Dallas area then you have most likely heard of “Edison Coffee Company” one time or another or seen a picture of their adorable narwal on the wall. The shop has definitely been on my list of shops to visit for a while now. “Edison Coffee Company” has a couple locations, one in Flower Mound and one in Highland Village. I was able to visit the one in Highland Village. The close proximity to Lake Lewisville makes the drive there extremely enjoyable, especially if you are coming from the Lake Dallas area like we were that day. The shop is in a very cool shopping center with a vintage flair to it even though it looks relatively new. When I first walked inside of this coffee shop, I immediately knew this place was going to be out of the box. I think that the creative nature and feel of the shop links rather perfectly with its name and the fact that Thomas Edison was an extremely creative and imaginative individual that helped to shape our world to what it is today. The people of “Edison Coffee Company” are creative and love people, coffee, and new ideas alike. The style of the shop is anything but average but still has such a warm and homey feeling to it at the same time. The combination of wood, slick tile, concrete floors and chalkboard paint seems like it would be over whelming and that it would not work together, but it totally does, 100%. I really like how the menu stretches from one side of the bar to the other and can be modified and changed to add things like different seasonal drinks that they have. The doodles on the chalkboard wall with the menu and around the shop made me smile, especially the infamous narwhal that has “Coffee is magic” written on it. This shop is full of neat little nooks to settle in and do whatever you need to do while enjoying your wonderful beverage. While the front of the shop has a couch and little living room like area with a small bookshelf lamp, the rest of the shop is full of booth seating, bar seating and nice armchairs for comfortable seating if you came to the shop by yourself or with one other person. That is something that I really noticed in the shop; they had so many pairs of armchairs in their own little space that it is almost as if they were all positioned in the way so that people would be able to have a conversation with a friend as if you were in your own home. I love this touch and it is definitely not something that you can find everywhere.

The back left corner of the shop is my absolute favorite area in the whole place. There is beautiful sky blue bench seating with adorable cushions and many multicolored throw pillows. I found a spot at the window seat and made myself comfy under the incredible light fixture statement above which is a creative mix of chicken wire and Edison bulbs hanging from it. Two things that I would never ever put together work cohesively and in a such a stunning way. The incorporation of Edison bulbs around the shop make for such sweet touches that definitely do not go unnoticed.


If you think the shop seems cool, just wait until you try their coffee. Just wait. I had always heard great things about the coffee and I was stoked to try for myself. I decided that I wanted to give the seasonal menu a try and go out on a limb to try something out of the ordinary. They had neat choices on the seasonal menu like “Huns N Roses”, “Golden Youth” and “Pineapple Escape”. The fun and different choices went along perfectly with the shop’s creative and artsy flair. I decided to try the drink with one of my all time favorite fruits as the highlight, the “Pineapple Escape”. The “Pineapple Escape” is a cold brew mock-tail with pineapple. The drink was perfect. If you are sitting here reading this and thinking, “You’re crazy… That seems like a disgusting combination.” Friend, you’re wrong. The drink was light and refreshing with a strong natural pineapple taste and actually blended with the cold brew beautifully. I actually had to stop myself from sucking it down too fast and force myself to savor it. Just like everything in the shop, the drink was an unexpected combination that excites and exceeds expectations. Despite the fact that the drink was delicious, it was also lovely to look at with the pineapple and leaf garnish. The girl at the counter was extremely kind, knowing that it is a drink out of the ordinary, she reassured me that if I didn’t care for the “Pineapple Escape” she would be happy to make me a different drink. I was not worried about not liking it, but the fact that she went out of her way to say that and reassure me not to be scared if I did not like it was very kind and exhibiting superb customer service.

“Edison Coffee Company” hits it out of the park. What a unique and inspiring space with excellent coffee! I already can’t wait to come back to the shop and to try out the Flower Mound location as well!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Jim Boykin

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