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Long weekends call for road trips and visiting family in Southeast Texas! Over Labor Day weekend, Madison was able to meet up with Kaylee, our cousin (Mara), and I, in Southeast Texas to visit some of our awesome family members. Our great aunt and the cousins we visited are huge supporters of the blog, and they actually were part of the inspiration for the blog starting in the first place! When we visit, they are always so sweet to have a coffee shop in mind for all of us to visit together. This time, the coffee shop that they recommended was Eclectic Coffee in Lumberton. It was the perfect shop for us to visit all together!

What you need to know about Eclectic Coffee:

The atmosphere: The atmosphere of the coffee shop is just as the name suggests, eclectic. The walls are white, gray, and adorned with trendy wall art. There are burlap coffee bags hanging on the counter and a cute mug display wall area that says, “Take time to smell the coffee.” That’s definitely one of my favorite quotes and it’s something we all need to take a little time out of our day and do. We got to talk to the owner and he said that his goal is to have a comfortable, diverse, welcoming space that allows people to come in and feel like they are meant to be there. The furniture and things on the walls will change from time to time to add to that eclectic feel and to keep everything fresh. Customers have even added their own little touches to the walls, truly making the space all their own. In addition, there’s a wall with some items for sale like essential oils, candles, baby items, jewelry, etc. You can sip your coffee and browse around and shop for some cute items!

Do I come here to study, socialize, chill? This shop is great for it all! There’s a bar area for people to work, a large painted wood table for a bigger group (it was great for our group of seven), and there’s plenty of smaller tables. In the shop there’s even a little living room area with couches, chairs, a coffee table, and hanging lights. So, truly, this shop is perfect for any of your needs whether it is studying, hanging out with a friend, or spending time with a group of family members (like us)!

Coffee: Eclectic is all about community and their coffee is roasted just three miles down the road. Our great aunt got the drip coffee and she said that it was really good and strong. That’s how I like it too. This coffee has so many different creative drinks and flavoring that your tastebuds can try out. I got a drink with coconut, caramel, and a splash of vanilla. I do not normally like a lot of different syrups in my coffee, but this drink was incredible. The flavors complimented each other and the coffee very nicely. Mara got the peppermint patty drink that is definitely on the heavy side, but she enjoyed it very much. Madison and Kaylee shared a mocha frape. At first, their frape needed more mocha, but they took it to the counter and they fixed it up for them just right. Something I really liked about this shop was, when you went up to get your drink, the barista would say, “Let me know if there’s anything you would like me to add or change.” I think that this is amazing because it truly shows that customer service is important to them and that they will go the extra mile to make their customers happy.

What makes this place stand out? This is very much a family business, everyone does their part to pitch in. This coffee shop has been opened for a year, and has not been at its current location for very long. As I said before, this shop is all about community and they have events hosted by locals at the shop. For example, one day a Lamar professor hosted a painting workshop at Eclectic. How fun is that? Providing ways for those in the community to connect is what it’s all about!

Address: 1533 US-69, Kountze, TX 77625

Saturday 7AM–7PM
Sunday 8AM–5PM
Monday 6:30AM–7PM
Tuesday 6:30AM–7PM
Wednesday 6:30AM–7PM
Thursday 6:30AM–7PM
Friday 6:30AM–7PM
Have fun checking out Southeast Texas! Check out the marshes and bayous, and maybe you’ll see a gator like we did! 

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