Dwell in Fort Worth, Tx

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Kaylee and I visited the lovely Dwell Coffee and Biscuit’s location in Burleson, Texas, about a year ago. It quickly became Kaylee’s all time favorite shop. When we found out a Fort Worth location opened up this year, we knew we needed to check it out and we did. This is what we thought about it…

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Here’s what you need to know about Dwell in Fort Worth:

  • Appearance? The outside of the shop makes it look like it is an office building kind of structure, but the inside is anything but. When you walk inside, you are immediately greeted with the clever and stylish use of floral and wood that beautifully compliment each other. You walk down a few stairs to the ordering counter and seating. There is an awesome neon sign that greets you when you come down the stairs that says, “Best Day Ever”. It is the perfect set up to take a cute picture with friends or post as a story on Instagram. The ceiling is high, which makes the space seem much bigger than it actually is. The style of the shop is simplistic, yet super warm and inviting.
  • Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? We came to the shop on Valentine’s Day, so we saw plenty of people having date night. This is also the perfect place to study! One, it is super close to TCU for students to hop on over to have a tasty drink and comfy place to study. Two, there are several cute study nooks in the shop that I know I would definitely take advantage of if I lived in a close vicinity. There is even a bigger table at the front of the shop where we saw a group of women having a Bible study. This is a place where you can definitely do all three things.
  • Coffee? The menu at Dwell aims to serve and they have many options for many different taste buds. Every time we visit Dwell, we have to get a drink to sip on in house and we have to get one to go…That’s just how it always goes because it’s just that good. Kaylee’s all time favorite drink is the iced caramel macchiato. That was the first drink she ordered and the second that I ordered. The drink does have a strong and distinctive caramel taste and it is oh-so smooth! I ordered the iced americano, which is always a go to drink for me when I’m wanting something a bit stronger. Kaylee’s second drink was an iced vanilla latte. She loved the vanilla taste that didn’t taste artificial.
  • Drive thru? No, but there is parking on the right side of the building.
  • Food options? They have the best biscuits EVER! Dwell has many amazing and creative biscuit options that are very reasonably priced. We got three biscuits to share for only $5. Kaylee and I tried the cookie dough, buttermilk, and cinnamon biscuit. They were all delicious, but I think we both agreed that the cinnamon was both of our favorite!
  • What stuck out to you about this shop? What really sticks out about this shop is the friendly and community atmosphere that is created in Dwell. Every time a customer leaves the shop, the employees say, “Have the best day ever!” We thought that was so sweet and definitely makes Dwell stick out.
  • Fun Fact! The original Dwell is in Old Town Burleson and there is a new Dwell coming to Crowley, Texas!