“Dwell Coffee and Biscuits” in Old Town Burleson, TX

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Dwell in Old Town.

Have you heard of Burleson, Texas? I have to be honest, I had heard of the city before but really did not know anything about it. Being from the north Dallas area I do not find myself in the Fort Worth side of the metroplex as often as I would like. After visiting Burleson and the incredible and unique coffee shop there, I am beginning to rethink that. This charming city that was founded in 1881 definitely impressed Kaylee and me. I look forward to bringing friends to the adorable downtown for a getaway one day soon. One of my favorite things about Old Town Burleson is the beautiful wall murals that are displayed. The wall murals not only make for cool picture options but add a ton of character to the already alluring downtown.

“Dwell” Coffee and Biscuits is right where all of the action is; you can find it right smack dab in the middle of the Old Town fun! “Dwell” existed about one and a half years before its current location. The coffee shop has called Old Town home for the past year and a half after many suggestions by fans to be in Old Town part of Burleson. When you are driving through the downtown area there is no way you can miss the coffee shop with its large logo sign above the entry. There are a couple of outside seating options to choose from in front of the shop if you wanted to take advantage of the warmer January weather we have been having lately and enjoy the neat downtown atmosphere. Immediately upon walking into “Dwell” I was hit with the shop’s sleek but vintage style right away. In the center of “Dwell” sits four amazing velvet soft colored antique armchairs with small coffee tables around them. The name “Dwell” seemed to fit too perfectly even after immediately walking inside the shop. This coffee shop was created to be a dwelling place, a place for people to come, chill, and gather together. The inviting atmosphere of “Dwell” definitely is perfect for doing just that. There are plenty of chairs and tables which make this shop great for friend gatherings and getting work done as well. My favorite seating in the shop is the restored wooden pews working as booths. The mismatched wood on the wall gives the shop a warm and comfortable feel that beautifully contrasts the glossy white subway tiles behind the front counter that create a sleek and fresh feel. The two styles integrated and combined as one truly makes the shop stand out. One of my absolute favorite spots in the shop is a cute corner with two vintage cushioned whicker chairs that have many empty mismatched frames above them. I think it would be the very best spot to grab a good read to compliment your fabulous coffee and stay a while.

“Dwell” is owned by Jeff and Stephanie Brannon. Stephanie grew up in Burleson and when Jeff moved to town they became high school sweethearts. Stephanie had a love and passion for coffee and Jeff grew to love and appreciate it as much as his wife. The town that they love did not have a craft coffee shop so they set out to change all that and that is how “Dwell” was born. They use Tweed Coffee Roasters that are located close by in Dallas for their expresso and Elm coffee roasters out of Seattle for their pour overs. They have a scroll menu hung up in the shop full of some tasty drink choices like their snickers latte (#1 seller) to their cold brew or just just their normal cup o joe. I was feeling like ordering something strong and ordered the cold brew with a little pitcher of cream. The shop’s cold brew is excellent with a strong taste that will wake you right up. You do not have to worry about it being bitter by any means and honestly next time I’ll probably order it without the cream. Kaylee got the iced caramel macchiato and to say that she was a fan of it would actually be quite an understatement. She is obsessed. Kaylee stated to me probably more than five times that “this is by far the best caramel macchiato I’ve ever had”. Caramel macchiatos are probably one of the most popular drinks that we get at shops so saying that is a pretty big deal. We had to grab one more macchiato for the road, that’s how much we liked it. It had a smooth and creamy taste that is unmatched. I’m definitely not surprised this shop was voted the best coffee in town for the fourth year in a row, not surprised in the slightest.

Yes, the coffee at “Dwell” is quite delicious but they have something else going for them that I’m almost sure you haven’t seen before. “Dwell” has incredible flavored biscuits. I grew up in Texas so I have had my fair share of biscuits through the years but trust me, you have never had a biscuit like this before! They have unique flavored biscuits that are simply mouthwatering. The flavors rotate seasonally to keep it fresh, but one of their all time biggest sellers is the strawberries and cream. Kaylee and I got three different kinds to try and lets just say that they didn’t last very long at all. As if their coffee couldn’t get better, pair it with one of their biscuits and your tastebuds are goners. YUM-MY.

I am stoked that we were able to make it out to Old Town Burleson to take in the adorable downtown atmosphere and visit an incredibly inviting shop with terrific coffee. Kaylee says that this is her favorite shop to date and I’m sure it won’t be too long until her and I make another trip over there for the best caramel macchiatos ever. Plan a day and take a trip to the charming Old Town Burleson and chow down on the tas

tiest biscuits and sip on the most stellar coffee in town!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Kaylee Boykin

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