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Addison is only about twenty minutes north of Dallas on the Dallas North Tollway. We happened to be in the area and I had heard of “Dunn Brothers Coffee” before, I can’t remember how I heard about the shop or who from, but I was super excited to try it out! The very first thing to catch my eye when we walked into “Dunn Brothers Coffee” was that they roast their own beans. When you walk into the shop to the left is an incredible red coffee roasting machine. This is already a wonderful sign and gives me high expectations that this is going to be some delicious coffee. One of my favorite things about shops that roast their own beans is the smell. I think all coffee shops smell absolutely incredible (that’s a no brainer, right?), but those that roast their own beans definitely have an edge over those that do not; the smell is truly to die for. “Dunn Brothers Coffee” is a pretty big place and there is definitely a lot going on in the shop. There was live music the evening we were there and I think that always adds an element of fun. Having live music is a neat touch that adds interaction between customers and a sense of community to the shop, which I am absolutely a fan of. Across from the counter where you order your beverages is an island counter and shelf that displays all of the different in house coffee roasts you can purchase. They have some pretty cool choices like a light Colombian blend and a Sumatra medium roast. Beside the display are burlap bags of coffee beans on wooden pallets. I think this is an adorable touch but also serves as displaying the authenticity of the shop and what they are doing. As I stated before, “Dunn Brothers Coffee” is a relatively large space. There is plenty of seating and bar space in the shop making it an extremely nice place to gather. The pale yellow walls and the walls of windows make the space feel bright and cheery which is a stark contrast to many shops that go for the more dim light settings. When I looked up at the ceiling I was absolutely in love. I have a strong attraction for vintage things and antique style. “Dunn Brothers Coffee” is not in an old building or location but they have the vintage looking patterned ceiling tiles that are absolutely breathtaking. What a wonderful touch! Something that I really dig about this shop is that it pretty much has two different parts. There is the front half of the shop that houses the coffee roasting machine, the ordering counter, and an abundance of seating with a lot of  windows and natural light. The back half of the shop still has the cheery pale yellow walls, but no natural light and it has more of a homey feel to it. There are comfortable dark leather chairs, small wooden chair side tables with nice lamps along with normal chairs and tables. This half of the shop is definitely a wonderful place to get work done or have a soft and meaningful conversation with a friend. Since there are no windows on this side, there is plenty of space for wall art. There are gorgeous photographs of beautiful animals and lovely landscapes that you can purchase. Something amazing that our friend Montanna pointed out to us was the ceilings in this part of the shop. The night sky with the bright moon, clouds, and stars dance above you as you enjoy the delicious coffee you purchased and the company you are with. It is truly captivating and a delight touch that I was very pleasantly surprised by.

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As I mentioned before, this shop roasts their own beans, which is incredible. They roast small batches, around 7 pounds, everyday. I found on their website that they have a goal of offering 100% certified or independently verified sustainably produced coffees. “Dunn Brothers Coffee” is partnered with World Coffee Research (WCR). This is a “collaborative research and development program of the global coffee industry, committed to the mission of growing, protecting and enhancing the supplies of quality coffee, while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it.” This is something that I believe is extremely important. I love that they are taking action in the world of coffee to protect not only the quality of the coffee but the actual people that help produce it. Now, let’s get to what we ordered. I decided to stray away from what I normally gravitate towards, which would be some kind of iced coffee, cold brew, or macchiato. The lavender latte is what caught my eye. One of my friends has been asking me about places with the best lavender lattes so I thought it would be a great drink to try. It was simply amazing. Incredible deep flavor that was very soothing. Madison was feeling adventurous and got an iced White Chocolate Pistachio Nirvana. Although the drink was little out of her comfort zone, she did really like it and didn’t think the white chocolate and pistachio flavor out weighed the scrumptious taste of java. Montanna ordered an iced latte and she was also a fan. The flavor of the coffee was rich and we all highly recommend it.


“Dunn Brothers Coffee” was quite a delight and very cool place to visit. It is the perfect place to grab a delicious blend, sit back and relax with friends and soak in the unique and fun environment.

purple heart, Allie Boykin

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Photos by Montana Christofferson and Madison Boykin

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