Did you know? WE STARTED A VLOG

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It’s time.

All through our Coffee Over Tejas adventure people have encouraged us to give vlogging a try. All three of us absolutely love watching vlogs but have been hesitant to try it. But we thought, why not give it a go? Attached is our very first vlog that we shot going to Magnolia Table a day after my graduation to try the coffee there. Let us know what y’all think in the comments! We would love your feedback and any suggestions you may have.

Some questions you may have that we would love to answer:

Does this mean¬

†you are quitting the normal blog?

NO! We are not fully switching over from blogging to vlogging. You will still see our normal adventures that I will write as normal but we are going to start trying to incorporate vlogging into that.

Will you post the videos on this website?

We will post the videos on our Youtube channel “Coffee Over Tejas Blog” and we will also post the vlogs¬†on here¬†in the form of a post like we are now. Feel free to give our Youtube channel a subscription so that you will know right when we post a new¬†video!¬†

Thanks for all of the continued support that y’all constantly give to us! We hope y’all are enjoying this new chapter in our story!

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