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Sometimes after I go to a new coffee shop I ask myself to pick one word to perfectly describe the essence of the space. When I did that after visiting “Dichotomy” one word swiftly came to mind with zero hesitation. The word that raced to my mind was “classic”. There are many reasons that the word classic describes this coffee shop t0 a tee. One important reason is the location. “Dichotomy” is located in the ever so classic Downtown Waco. The shop is in extremely short walking distance of the Waco staple “Alico” building and the incredible gorgeous white courthouse. There are plenty of neat shops and places to check out in the cool downtown. The vintage vibes and beautiful sites make the location of “Dichotomy” pretty prime. When you walk into the shop, the word remains true as you see the shop adorned with the classic color scheme of black and white. “Dichotomy” has a perfect mix of old and new in the shop and marries the two quite nicely. The black, dark and light gray walls with the exposed brick works beautifully in the shop and creates a neat atmosphere of “Dichotomy”. There are a few cool contemporary art pieces with gray and black tones to match the vibes of the shop. My grandma, who has a great eye for artwork, absolutely adored the paintings. I thought that they were a touch that definitely made the shop unique. Artwork truly embellishes a space adding even more character and meaning. There are beautiful scripted words on some of the walls, closer to the entrance of the shop, ranging from “park it and stay awhile” and the definition of “Dichotomy” which is a  contrast between two things that are or are represented as being entirely different. The name of the shop rings entirely true because “Dichotomy” not only has amazing coffee, they also have spirits. They combine two totally different things, meant and represented to be completely separated. I think that is pretty cool and a creative name that you surely do not see everyday! The floors are my favorite type of flooring, small hexagon shaped black and white tile. I think it is a sleek and extremely stylish flooring that adds a vintage flair. Half of the ceiling consists of light colored patterned antique looking tiles and the other half being black rafters. The combination of the new and the old is interwoven so nicely together. Edison bulbs are used here and go along nicely with the classic and vintage theme going on in “Dichotomy”. I have seen many Edison bulbs in my time but never bunched up in threes as light fixtures. That is how they had them at this shop and it looked very nice! I do not think I would have had the idea to do that, and it looked very cute but still chic. The store is very long so there is an abundance of seating and space. Being in a college town, it is crucial to have space for students to study and a place for people to gather as well. “Dichotomy” is absolutely perfect for both. There are a few tables right outside of the shop, inside the shop, and there’s even a bar space. “Dichotomy” has something that no other coffee shop that I have ever been to has (and that’s saying something because I’ve been to a bunch!). The shop has a rooftop seating area! How neat is that?! The space is even covered for those days that the sun is really beating down, and the day we visited was definitely one of those days! But the rooftop area has a sweet view of a side wall mural that spells out “Waco” and some of the downtown area. I think having roof top access in a historical downtown is the bees knees and such a cool thing!


If I had to list the top shops that we get recommendations for, “Dichotomy” in Waco would definitely be a top one on the list. I have heard time and time again that “Dichotomy” makes an outstanding cup of coffee. This coffee shop stays true to a traditional (Italy, not Starbucks) espresso menu of hot and iced coffee drinks. Although they do have a classic menu, the shop does have a cool trick up its sleeve. In honor of Waco being the home to the beloved soft drink, “Dr. Pepper”, there is a special drink on the “Dichotomy” menu that I pinky promise you haven’t seen anywhere else. The drink is Waco’s “Dr. Pepper” with expresso over ice. Doesn’t it sound refreshingly delightful? I’m down to try it on my next visit! “Dichotomy” uses roasters from all over the United States including “Mapcap”, “Ritual”, “Commonwealth”, “30-30”, “Tweed”, “Cuvee”, “PT’s”, and “Avoca”. Kaylee ordered their iced coffee with their homemade vanilla syrup. I was able to have a taste of her drink and oh my goodness, the vanilla syrup tasted just like Bluebell’s “Homemade Vanilla” ice-cream! It was absolutely incredibly a very unique vanilla taste that you will not find anywhere else. Madison got an iced mocha that was very, very rich and chocolatey. If you are looking for a lighter mocha then this is definitely not the one for you. It was still very delicious though! I got an iced latte this time and it was good and strong with a smooth taste. The latte and the mocha both came in precious jam jars which I thought was quite the adorable touch. I love it when stores have creative drinkware, so cute!

Waco definitely has its fair share of cool places to discover and explore. From Magnolia, the Dr. Pepper Museum, the suspension bridge over the Brazos river, or just walking around the beautiful Baylor campus, there are plenty of great reasons to spend time in Waco. If that impressive list didn’t already give you reason enough to make it out to Waco, add delicious classic coffee to the fun things above and you’ll be convinced. When you do make it out there be sure to order an refreshing Waco Dr. Pepper with expresso for me, get one for yourself too! 😉


Allie Boykin


hotos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin 

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