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Location, location, location!

Have you heard that saying before? Location is everything, and I am a huge believer of that. Another thing I am a huge believer in is the transformation of buildings. I love when something can be re-purposed in a cool way, instead of being torn down and ruined. I absolutely love old houses. This is hilarious because when I was little I couldn’t stand old houses and I actually couldn’t stand being in them. You live and you learn, and I have definitely learned that old houses are extremely special and full of character that you just can not find in modern day homes. My love for older homes and coffee was combined in a beautiful way at “Crooked Tree” in Downtown Dallas because it is in a cute 1920s bungalow. As I said, location is extremely important, and this shop has quite a fabulous one. The shop is located right outside of the towering businesses of Downtown but still within walking distance. “Crooked Tree” sits in an adorable neighborhood of equally vintage, well kept, gorgeous houses as the shop itself. The neighborhood is simply breathtaking and the tall, aged trees make it that much more visually captivating. The “Crooked Tree” itself is located on the outskirts of the neighborhood, making it easy to locate and easier to walk to from a business. The house that “Crooked Tree” is in is a sweet bungalow with grayish green colored siding with accents of lime green and white around the windows and roof. There’s a nice white wooden bench outside and plenty of outdoor tables and chairs in the front yard for outdoor seating.

When you walk inside the shop it definitely has the cozy feeling of a home. Above and beside the ordering counter, the menus and the brewing methods display chart were displayed in lovely old looking frames. The antique furniture, like the hutch displaying the coffee bean bags and the chest of drawers to display the the creamer, napkins, and straws, add to the feeling of a home nicely. The light olive green walls and old fashioned wood floors, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the original floors, make the “Crooked Tree” feel like a warm gathering place. The art hanging on the walls in the shop were simple and fresh. I think it created just the right contrast between the extremely homey furniture. There was such a cool mix of people present in the “Crooked Tree”. We went on a weekend but there were plenty of people there working on different things by themselves and in groups. There were also groups of friends chatting with one another and young families just hanging out. The shop had a nice mix of plush furniture, like couches and overstuffed chairs, and little metal and wooden chairs. My absolute favorite piece of furniture in this coffee shop was definitely an old television that was re-purposed as a little end table.It was an adorable touch that added to the sweet vintage flair of the shop. There‚Äôs a printer in the shop that could be used to print things out for the customers. I think this was a wonderful addition to be store, especially since so many of the customers are probably business people working on things that might need to be printed. “Crooked Tree” also had shelves full of fun games for friends and families to play with one another. My mom and Kaylee played a quirky, cute game called the “Jumpin Java Game”. What a cute way to get friends and family to connect with one another and have a great time!

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The “Crooked Tree” uses “Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters”. I love it when shops use local roasters! I ordered the cold brewed iced coffee and it was darn good coffee. It was just the perfect amount of strong for me without being “too much”. Madison ordered the house drip and she really enjoyed it. And can I talk about the coffee sleeves for a minute? They are so incredibly cool! Whoever came up with the shop’s logo is one smart cookie. Kaylee ordered a vanilla latte and it came in a large green mug with a matching saucer. They do latte art here! In the latte was a cute little leaf-looking thing topped with a heart. Such a cute touch that she really enjoyed. Something happened and an extra vanilla latte was made and my dad was able to have that one. He said that was the first latte that he had ever tried and he was hooked. He asked me recently where he could find another latte made just like the one at “Crooked Tree”. That being said, he’s quite the fan of the vanilla latte here. My mom was pleased with the loose leaf tea options that were present at the shop. Again, I love it when shops at least have somewhat of a selection of teas for our friends and family that may not be coffee obsessed like us!

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I truly believe that “Crooked Tree” is a must go-to in Dallas. The warm and cozy feel of the shop might make you feel like you aren’t actually in downtown though! A soothing sip of a steaming vanilla latte and a stroll down the street of beautiful vintage homes is something I definitely want to check off my list this summer. Won’t you join me?


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin and Kaylee Boykin.

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