“Cream & Sugar” in Fairview, TX

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“Cream & Sugar” in the Fairview Town Center

When a coworker recommended that we try “Cream & Sugar” in the Fairview Town Center, formerly know as the Village at Fairview, I knew this shop would be the perfect opportunity to bring back our coffee adventures! It has been a big and busy couple of months with Madison going back to A&M for classes, Kaylee starting high school as an upperclassman, and me transitioning into working as a teacher. All of the changes have been amazing, but it has made it a bit harder to keep up with our normal coffee journeys. We are happy to say that we are officially back to visiting and posting about the incredible coffee shops you can find here in Texas and around the United States for our Texan Traveler specials.

“Cream & Sugar” is new and fresh, having only been opened for about five weeks. The Fairview Town Center is bustling with new life and activity. There are exciting businesses coming in to make the center even more of a destination worth visiting. The coffee shop is such a recent addition that it does not yet have a permanent sign. The inside of the shop was buzzing with people when we visited on Saturday afternoon. The style of the shop is simplistic with a modern flair. The concrete floors, dark wood planked walls, and sleek white marble counter tops give the shop a crisp look. “Cream & Sugar” may be contemporary in style but it is anything but sterile. The comfortable neutral toned couches and arm chairs gathered around on a fluffy rug, as if in a living room, makes you feel as if you are enjoying your delicious beverage at home with family. The floor to ceiling windows makes the space bright and seemingly bigger than it actually is.

This new coffee shop on the block offers a full-service espresso bar from an Italian-made Bosco lever espresso machine.The shop uses “Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters”, which is a local roaster in the Dallas area.“Cream & Sugar” serves craft coffee that is ground and weighed by hand with thoughtfulness and care. The menu keeps it simple with nine different coffee drinks to choose from and five different flavors including; mocha, caramel, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon. Combining flavors would be a fun thing to make a thrilling unique drink. They introduced their pumpkin spiced latte on September 11thand we all know that you simply can’t go wrong with that. They also have tea, chai, hot chocolate, milk, Topochico, and kombucha. When I asked about the kombucha, I was offered a sample to try it out. I was definitely in the mood for coffee so I passed on it this time, but it was very tasteful and I would have never known I liked it if I was not offered a sample. I ended up ordering cold brew, which is always a great way to see how good a shop really is. The cold brew was smooth and did not have the bitter after taste as some do. Kaylee ordered an iced vanilla latte and with every sip it tasted like you were eating Old Fashioned Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream; it was scrumptious.

Something special about this shop is that it also serves “Sweet Firefly Ice cream” that is homemade and based out of Richardson. There were sixteen flavors available when we visited the shop and two of those options were vegan. The wonderful thing about having ice cream at the shop is that affogato is an option. Affogato is expresso poured over ice cream, a wonderful pair. The first time we tried affogato was at “Drips” in New Orleans. It is nice to have a shop in our area that serves this tasty and unique treat!

The Fairview Town Center gives one many reasons to stop by, and now you can add terrific craft coffee on the list as another reason to visit. This coffee shop has a wonderful community feel. When we were waiting on Kay

lee’s drink, the owner came over and engaged in conversation with us. He asked us how we heard about the shop and we were able to learn more about it. It is moments like that that truly mold an experience in a positive way and really makes you want to return! Make your way down to this new shop and show them some love. Don’t forget to order an affogato treat to make your day extra sweet!

Happy adventuring,

Allie B.

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