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Weekend road trip!


Something that I really like about College Station is that it’s not very far from many cool places to go and explore. College Station is only about a 3.5-4 hour drive from the Dallas area (home), which really isn’t bad at all. But it’s even closer to Houston and all of the cool areas surrounding the Houston city area and Austin. Living in College Station, you can visit a new place and it only takes a little more than an hour to do so. In addition to that, the scenery is usually beautiful with many country and back roads. That is right up my alley, especially this time of year when the flowers are blooming and there are so many baby calves running around. So cute!! This weekend I had so many lesson plans to write up and Madison had a lot of school work as well. We thought, why not try a new coffee shop in a different city and camp out there for a while to get our stuff done there. That way we would get all of our school things accomplished but also get out of College Station a bit and explore a new place. The Woodlands immediately came to my mind. Being right outside of Houston, The Woodlands is not a very far drive from College Station (around 1 hour and 20 minutes) and is known to be a unique and lovely place. Just as the name implies, The Woodlands is full of large and breathtaking trees everywhere you turn. They are truly everywhere! When you drive down a street in The Woodlands there are thick trees on either side of you, which is something that you obviously do not see everywhere you go. The grocery stores, gas stations, and shops are tucked away out of sight as you drive down the road. I was amazed when I saw a Kroger sign on the side of the road and did not see a large store anywhere in sight. We turned a corner, and I could see the store nicely tucked away into the thicket of trees. It is just such a neat concept, it is definitely something that I wish more cities and towns would have done when they were first constructed. “Civilization” and “nature”  flow so well and is so extremely interconnected in The Woodlands.


Madison and I looked up some coffee shops in The Woodlands area and, just as I thought, there were plenty of choices to choose from. From the moment I saw “Crave” pop up on my computer screen, I knew that is where I wanted to go. “Crave” had such a cool and modern look that is not common for many of the coffee shops around the College Station area. There was nothing rustic about this joint. Another thing that caught my eye about “Crave” is that it is also a bake shop. They have all kinds of different desserts including beautifully decorated cookies, scones, and cupcakes! Their cupcakes all looked absolutely scrumpitious and there were so many choices. This is definitely something that you do not see everywhere; usually coffee shops have a selection of muffins, and maybe cake-pops, but nothing like this bountiful selection. Attention to all dogs lovers! “Crave” has organic, home-made dog treats! They were so adorable and shaped like little bones with the “Crave” imprint on them. I thought this was extremely neat and a cool way to involve everyone’s favorite little furry friends. In the same way, “Crave” had many coffee choices including pour overs, lattes, cold brews, and (one of my favorites) iced coffee. The employee there was even telling us about some kind of “cupcake latte” they have that has something in it similar to the tasting of frosting. “Crave” had unique products to choose from if you are in the mood to branch out and try something out of the ordinary! Madison and I got the iced coffee with a splash of Hazelnut syrup and half-and-half. It was a wonderful blend with the perfect amount of sweetness. You could tell it was made with the perfect intent of being sipped on while eating some kind of sweet treat. The iced coffees tasted amazing with the “chocolate coconut” and “birthday cake” cupcakes that we ordered. The coffee and cupcakes together truly made it the perfect pair.


 “Crave” had a very modern and fresh feel to it; this is something that you definitely do not find in College Station. The store used a lot of whites and the style was crisp and sophisticated. The mixers hanging on a shelf above the counter, the white subway titles, and lit “Coffee” sign made the shop seem elegant and modern without feeling sterile. With a blend of all types of music playing in the background, “Crave” is a great place to hangout with friends and catch up, work on homework, or have a casual business meet-up or interview. “Crave” is the kind of place that you walk in and just suddenly say, “Wow!” Its beautiful and elegant design is definitely easy on the eyes. To top things off even more, there was an adorable outside seating area as well with the perfect amount of sun and shade for whatever your preference may be. Madison and I had to split up our time in “Crave” to half inside and half outside. Both areas were just so cool and we wanted to experience both! Something that Madison and I discovered, just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, was a little shaded path directly in front of the strip center that “Crave” is in. If it is a pretty day, that is the perfect place to stroll and sip on some sweet “Crave” coffee!


Going to The Woodlands was a blast and a fun little getaway. The Woodlands does have some sentimental value for both Madison and me. Our dad actually grew up in The Woodlands and has some very fond memories there. Through the years, he has told us many stories in his life that have taken place there. He has taken us to The Woodlands a few times but it has been many, many years, so it was great to be able to go back and see some of his favorite places. Our dad’s old High School was actually only a short five to seven minute drive away from “Crave”. This worked out perfectly and we were able to cruise over and see it. The High School is now a Junior High School, but it was neat to be able to see where he went to school and see the area where our grandparents raised him and our uncle. The school is in a beautiful area and has a cute little pond right across the street. Any place that is important to our family is important to us, so it was sweet to be able to go there and see memorable places from my dad’s past.


The Woodlands is a unique one of a kind place! I’m sure we will make a trip there again to visit when in the Houston area. And next time we do, you can bet we’ll have to make a qui

ck stop to “Crave” to grab an iced coffee and maybe even another cupcake! YUM!

Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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