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Coffee & conversations served here.


When we got the recommendation to visit “Conversations Coffee”, I was extremely excited to get to check it out. When I first pulled up to downtown Wylie, I could not help but smile. The lovely vintage buildings on the lit street were right up my alley, much like the fun country music that was playing on the outdoor speakers. I knew right when I entered the city that this was going to be a place that definitely spoke my language. That certainly proved to be true when Kaylee and I walked up to “Conversation’s Coffee”. The coffee shop is located in a precious older home with a porch area and outdoor seating area. If you know me and my style, then you know that I am quite the fan of antique homes being transformed into different kinds of businesses. I think it gives a space that much more character and originality and I adore it. Speaking of character, the sweet stained glass window at the top of the building was enough to make my heart melt just a little. I am all about beautiful stained glass windows and I think they add so much beauty to a structure.

The inside of the coffee shop is much different than what I would imagine in my head from viewing the outside of the shop. The interior of the shop has modern vibes with gray natural tones and a slick white tile backsplash behind the bar area. I was expecting the inside to look like a home but when you are inside of the shop I do not think that you would be able to guess that it was in an older home. “Conversations Coffee” has a modern and industrial flair to it that contrasts with the exterior greatly. Although the style of the shop is more modern than I expected at first, there were touches that the shop had to make it homey and comfortable for everyone who enters in the doors. The shop has plenty of chairs and tables to study and work at. When Kaylee and I visited the shop on a Friday evening, there were people working on their laptops and reading, there was a couple on a date, and there was a group of friends that were socializing. “Conversations Coffee” truly is a wonderful place where you are capable of doing all of those things. Some coffee shops are just good for studying or just perfect for socializing; this shop is truly great for both. There is also a cute couch and comfy chair area in one corner of the shop that is an amazing place to gather with family or friends to just hang out. The back bar area where the neat “Conversations Coffee” wall art is there are plenty of board games to pick up and play while you are enjoying your delightful coffee with your friends. I think it is so great when shops have games like that to encourage fun memories and conversations to be made with the people you are with.

“Conversations Coffee” uses a roaster from Columbus, Ohio, called “Crimson Cup”. The people from “Crimson Cup” adventure around the world, especially Africa, Central and South America, Indonesia and Hawaii, and visit indigenous farms that are located in remote areas. The beans are roasted by hand in Ohio and then delivered to coffee shops and other customers around the world. These roasters are always experimenting and that helps to make their coffee roasts exciting and delicious. The evening was chilly so I decided on a vanilla latte that was absolutely scrumptious. It was a little bit sweeter than I would say an average vanilla latte normally tastes, but I adore sweet things and I thought that it was quite tasty. Kaylee decided to try something original to the shop and got the conversations mocha. The mocha was definitely on the extremely sweet side but it was tasteful as well. It is definitely a drink that could keep you up for a while, not only because of the caffeine but also the sugar.

Visiting “Conversations Coffee” was quite an enjoyable ending to the week.

Wylie, only being about a 35 minute drive from Dallas, is the perfect little weekend getaway destination to enjoy a little bit more of a slow pace with character and plenty of fun. “Conversations Coffee” is not a shop that you want to miss out on and I am so thankful to our amazing followers for suggesting us to try it out!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Kaylee Boykin

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