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I’m truly one of those people that believes that it is never too early to decorate for Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and why wouldn’t you want to extend that joyful time a little bit longer? Madison and I had the pleasure of scooting over to Conroe a few days before Halloween. The Downtown Conroe square was already fully decked out and ready for Christmas. I have to give it to them, I have never seen a town pop out their decorations that fast! What a treat to deck the halls early and start the celebration a little ahead. Obviously Conroe gave me a pretty sweet first impression. I know I have been in Conroe before, but never in the downtown. Thankfully that is exactly where “Conroe Coffee” is located. Any excuse I can get to mosey my way into a downtown, especially a downtown square, I’m going to do it.

In May of this year USA Today reported that the Census Bureau showed Conroe as the fastest growing city in the United States. That being said, having a quality coffee shop in the downtown area is extremely imperative. The owner, Tracey “Leo” Harris, had a coffee shop in Michigan and loved the community feel of Downtown Conroe so she opened a coffee shop in it! Before you even walk through the doors of the coffee shop, it automatically has an inviting feel with lights strung and quote decals on the windows. A sweet statement says, “We love to make coffee for the city that drinks it.” I love that so very much because I think the quote does such a wonderful job explaining their love and passion for coffee and the people of their community. They are doing something that they love and are passionate about for the people they care for and are equally as passionate about. I have an incredible respect for that. If I had to describe the style of “Conroe Coffee” in two words I would describe it as fun and eclectic. There are so many fun things going on in the shop from a bedazzled long horn skull, interesting art on the walls, miscellaneous products to purchase, and funky light fixtures. It all might seen random to some, but personally, I think it works so incredibly well to create such a vibrant and creative atmosphere. This shop is truly one of a kind and no kind of counterfeit would even come close to copying this fun space. One of my favorite parts of the shop is the strong sense of unity and community that is so evident even to an outsider looking in. Farther back in the shop there is a photo wall of many people with coffee in the shop. If you look on the shop’s Facebook you can easily see that they have many different events like art experiences, guitar circles, holiday sign parties, and costume and poetry night. Providing unique and fun events gives people in Conroe the chance to come together, meet others, and enjoy themselves with some coffee and make some great memories together. This shop definitely goes above and beyond in their community building efforts without even trying. Madison and I were waiting for our drinks and just trying to soak everything in when he came up to us and offered us complementary tickets to some kind of show in town that evening. It was so incredibly kind and such a sweet gesture. Unfortunately we were just passing through, but I would have loved to have gone. As the old saying says, it is the thought that counts. That is absolutely true. The fact that he offered us tickets to a community event, without knowing us in any way, simply shows the love that this shop has for the people of Conroe. 

“Conroe Coffee” has an extensive menu of many different drink choices. I ordered a caramel “Frosty Bear” which is a frozen blended drink. It was incredible and the caramel syrup was the perfect balance with the strong coffee. I also loved the creative name for their “frappes”; it just makes it more fun! Madison got one of her go-to drinks, a white chocolate mocha. It was a chilly day and that is just what she needed! This shop has incredible coffee but also has some delicious looking desserts and pastries. They have scrumptious looking scones, muffins, cookies and more! I love a yummy snack to go with my coffee and these homemade treats would be the absolute perfect pair with their great coffee. 

Check out the fasting growing city in the United States!! When you do stop by, make sure you adventure around the town with a cup of “Conroe Coffee” in one hand and a delicious scone in the other. What a day that would be!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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