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Introducing… COFFEE TALKS!

If you are familiar with our blog, you know that we are three sisters who travel around Texas and explore unique coffee shops in our state. We absolutely adore doing this and continue our adventures to highlight a different shop for you every week! Our mission is to not only explore the coffee shops of our state, but also the great people that our state has to offer. We get to do this by meeting so many amazing people at the coffee shops we go to, but we wanted to go farther than just that. So many people have amazing stories and passions to share and we would like to become a window in which they can share their love of coffee and coffee shops but also share their story with us all. We believe that the stories of others can move, encourage and inspire people. We want the COFFEE TALK each week to be as if you are sitting across from this person at your favorite coffee house listening to their passions and simply talking with a friend. This weekly write up is something that can connect us as coffee lovers and Texans on another exciting level. We are too pumped to share our very first coffee talk with you tomorrow morning! Check back tomorrow to see what it is all about.

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