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Coffee Talk

Thelma, 89 years old, South East Texas

I make my Folgers coffee with my Mr. Coffee machine daily. I make sure I put in some original coffee-mate creamer so that the coffee is lighter in color. I’ve been drinking it this way for a long time. I drink some coffee just about every morning. I grew up in Williamson, West Virginia. Mother and Daddy always drank coffee, but in World War II it was rationed. The people living with us during the war still drank coffee when it was rationed, I didn’t though. My daddy always loved coffee; he would pick up the coffee pot and drink the coffee out of it, even when it was cold. I never did that. I didn’t drink coffee until I started working at the electric power company after graduating from High School in 1946. I worked there for 7 and a half years and got married in 1952. Ralph, my husband who fought in World War Two and the Korean War, also liked coffee. I met Ralph while working at the electric power company. The power company had a rule that you could not marry anyone who also worked for the power company; the rule was thankfully dropped and we were free to date one another and then marry. Ralph was offered a job at Good Year in South East Texas as a mechanical engineer, and that is what brought me to Texas in the early 1960s. Soon after moving to Texas I got very involved in church at Calvary Baptist in town. After my very first Sunday, I was asked to teach the 14 year old Sunday School class, because they heard I had taught Sunday School at church before. I also worked for the church as a secretary for the music director and helped out in the church whenever they needed help. In every job I ever had I had to do things that no one else ever wanted to do, like make the coffee in the morning, clean doors and kitchens, and other odd jobs. I also worked with the little ones at church and helped out in every other way that I could. One day there was a lady that came into our church a

nd she told the pastor that no one greeted her on Sunday. The pastor told me about the incident and I went to her house later to pay her a visit. She was happy I came and said that she had been wanting to make someone some coffee all day. She made me some of her some Louisiana Community Coffee and it kept me awake all day long. To this day, it is the strongest coffee I have ever had. I sincerely loved serving the youth at church and the church body because my goal has always been to serve God in any way I could. You have to love what you are doing, or else what’s the point of doing it?

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