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Sydney, 21 years old, North Dallas


I started drinking coffee in Middle School because my parents always drank coffee and I was always surrounded by it. I thought it was a really grown up thing to do and I started drinking it and became addicted. Having coffee in the morning is something that my dad and I do together. Every morning we have our coffee together and watch the news. I love going to coffee shops to hang out with friends. I frequent Starbucks the most because it is convenient and so close to my house. In Downtown McKinney I really like Filtered and Snug on the Square, the employees are super nice and welcoming. When I do go out to coffee shops, my absolute favorite coffee drink to get is a white chocolate mocha, it is my tried and true. I also like vanilla lattes, but my absolute favorite is the white chocolate mocha.

I was born in Oklahoma and when I was little my dad got a job in Plano, Texas. Everyone in my family is from Oklahoma and still lives there, so it was a big deal when my family moved to Texas. I

love the Dallas area because everything is assessable and super easy to get to. I also love that there is always something to do and there are really good musicians that come into town for concerts.

I am a Senior at the University of North Texas and I am majoring in sociology. What I really want to do with my life is work for the elderly people. I feel like the Lord has put this passion on my heart to work with older people and bring joy into their lives. I have always loved music ever since I was a little girl. I use it as a way to connect to Jesus and also as a way to have fun, relax, and bond with friends.

With this being a brand new year, I can not wait to see how the Lord uses  me! 2018 will definitely be a year of changes, but I am so ready for it!

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