Coffee Talk: Nava Jo

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Nava Jo, 79 years old, South East Texas (now North Texas)

Goodness, I started drinking coffee just as soon as momma let me have some. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I definitely started drinking it in my youth. My parents have drank coffee for as long as I can remember. Daddy drank coffee because he was a miner and had long days. I’m sure coffee definitely helped keep him up in the Kentucky mines. Decaffeinated coffee was not a thing back then, so strong coffee is all you got. Momma had six children, including me, and having coffee probably kept her energized to get through a busy day.

When I graduated from High School, I started working at a Dime store, Hobb’s Dime Store first and then D.C. Murphy five and ten store. I kept pretty busy in these positions working with clothing and the candy counter. Having a good cup of coffee every morning really woke me up and got my day started. Then I started working at the Daily New

s Paper and we had a coffee pot there for the employees where I could enjoy one of my favorite drinks in the mornings. I got married in 1960 and my husband, Harry, loved coffee just as much as I did. He had to have his cup every single morning, just like me.

I grew up in the eastern hills of Kentucky but my work for the paper brought me to West Virginia. Once I was married, we moved to Ohio but then Harry soon got a great job as a chemist and we moved to South East Texas and I’ve been in Texas ever since. I love Texas for many reasons, it is a beautiful state to live in and it is where I raised my kids.

I love people and I love to be around people. Something that I loved to do in South East Texas was volunteer for different things to meet all kinds of different people. I like to meet people because people need people. There’s a song, I can’t think of the artist, but it talks about how people need each other to go on. We need one another for a good conversation, relationships, and for memories.

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