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Meet Micheal, 49 years old, Houston area

I did not ever think I would ever drink coffee because I absolutely hated the smell. When I was little I remember smelling my dad’s strong coffee breath at church and I was never interested. The perception of coffee drinkers was always that it was just for older people. I really didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 31. I started working in an office that was very cold and the office coffee was the only thing that was there to keep us warm.¬† In 1998 in the townhouse in Houston that I’m in now there was a Taco Bell and they shut it down to put a coffee shop. We thought it was crazy and that it would never make it; that coffee shop was Starbucks. We all know that they made it just fine. Now I have to have coffee everyday to get me going. I just like good old strong black coffee; sometimes I like the pumpkin spice lattes or something like that but I keep my coffee pretty simple. I camped so much through the years and got used to drinking my coffee without a lot of cream and sugar.

I grew up in Pasadena but then we moved to the Woodlands in 1975. My favorite part about the Woodlands was all of the outdoor activities. My brother Jim and I would always play tennis and I really enjoyed the bike trails. I went to Blinn College and then I migrated to Texas A&M my sophomore year. I was going to go to the University of Houston but College Station felt like a nice college town for my college experience.

When I was little I would make doll houses out of the boxes that my dad had left over from selling and sell them to the girls at school. My art teacher in junior high showed me an article about making models and showed me that architecture was so

mething that people did and made a living of. That was when it clicked and was the turning point for me and made me want to pursue architecture rather than art in my future. Over twelve years ago I started my own business, commercial architecture specializing in interiors. Architecture works in the same creative mindset of painting for me. My mom introduced me to watercolor and I absolutely loved it.  I am very interested in watercoloring; it is like yoga for me. I am a part of the watercoloring society of Houston, WASH for short. We meet every month and have weekly workshops. It is a great stress reliever for me.

The path in your early years is influenced by your teachers. My art teacher was an influencer for my love of architecture and my high school industrial art teacher gave me the motivation to pursue the interior emphasis on my architecture degree. I’m so appreciative of them and they helped to make me who I am today.

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  1. Very nice article, of course I love the subject, Michael! He is a great inspiration to me. I think I been bragging about him for a couple decades now to my friends and coworkers in California.

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