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Mara, 24 years old, North Texas

I first started drinking coffee at my Nana’s house when I was young. Something we would always do at her house was pick up her neighbors’ newspapers and put them on their porches for them. After doing that, my Nana would always make my brother and I coffee with our breakfast and we would drink it out on the back swing with her. The first time I ever ordered coffee for myself was when I was selling Girl Scout cookies at a Barnes and Noble bookstore and they let us go to the Starbucks inside and order something. I had never ordered coffee before and did not know what to get so I ordered plain black coffee. I did not get cream in my coffee because I did not know that is what people did and looking back now I totally understand why people take cream in their coffee-haha! Today my go-to coffee drink is iced coffee with hazelnut syrup. When I used to work outside at Six Flags Over Texas it was the on the go perfect drink to get before work. I do not have a morning coffee routine, but I would like to start one because my new workplace has a nice Keurig coffee maker that I can use. One key reason I want to start drinking coffee on a regular basis is because it is a tasty treat and gives me the caffeine I need for the day.

I live in the same North Texas city that I was born in and I love it. I like the DFW area because there is always something to do and there is always somewhere to go. It is a great place to try new things. I love to go to Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall with friends. It is a great place to eat outside and enjoy the ambience. One of my favorite cities to visit in Texas is San Antonio because not only is there the Alamo with its vast history, there is also SeaWorld and Fiesta Texas that I visited a lot as a kid and have great memories there.

I am passionate about helping college students. I like to help students adjust to college life and direct them with what classes to take and give them tips to be successful and give them ways to get involved. Being involved in college at the University of Texas at Arlington as a commuter student made my experience a memorable one. I want all college students to have a great college experience and will do an

ything in my power to help with that. Something that I do often for fun is go to concerts with my friends. We all have different interests so we go to a wide variety of concerts with one another. The most fun concert I have ever been to was the Jonas Brothers when I was in Middle School. I am really looking forward to the Taylor Swift Reputation Tour this fall. I like going to concerts because I love the build up to it and getting hype with my friends about it.

I am so glad my Nana introduced me to coffee when I was little and I hope to introduce it to my future children and grandchildren like she did for me!

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