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 Madison, 19 years old, Houston area

I started drinking coffee at my cousin’s other grandparents house by the lake and his grandparents made coffee milk for all of us. At the end of the trip they gave us mugs with bears doing different things we were doing that week. My mug had a bear running away from bees because I was scare

d of the bees that week. That was the start of the mug collection  that I have today. I still have that bear mug with me today in college and it is one of my favorites. I really started drinking coffee regularly in High School; that is when I really started to like and enjoy it. Having coffee is such a good excuse to hangout and meet up with people and foster friendships, especially in college. Through college, coffee has really become a ritual for me and part of my daily routine. I have to start everyday with a cup of coffee. I often associate coffee with my dad because he is the one that really got me to love it.

I grew up in the Houston area and I love the fact that all of my family lives in the area. Both sets of grandparents and my cousins live in the area and we are all really close. It is so nice to be able to go to all of the family events for one another. I am really passionate about Spanish and next semester I am going to Spain. It is a really big leap of faith; I have friends going there with me, but it is a new step in a new country. I have never been that far away from home before.  I have had such a passion for Spanish even from a young age. I know that I have this love and passion for a reason and I can not wait to see the reasoning for that. I am so excited to go to Spain next semester and see the passion that the Lord has given me come to fruition and to be able to share the Gospel and my love for Spanish while I am there!

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