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Lauren, 21 years old, Salinas California (Central Texas)

My mom used to go to Starbucks when it first became popular to get some alone time after my dad would get home from work. She would come back with a little bit of a frappuccino left for me and I started asking for one for myself. That became our thing and we would go to Starbucks together to get our favorite frappuccinos. I always loved to get the mocha frappuccino. I just always remember us going to Starbucks during every occasion, running errands, going on trips, etc. A huge part of my mom and I’s relationship consists of going to Starbucks together. Now that I am in college, when she is thinking of me she will put money on a Starbucks gift card for me to just go and hangout and enjoy it like we used to be able to do often together. She knows that it relaxes me and means a lot to me. My mom and I collect all of the Starbucks travel mugs; it is special something that we do together. Everytime we go to a new place we buy a travel mug to help us remember the trip. It is fun to use the mug later and remember the fun memories made in that place.

My grandma lived in San Antonio and my mom and I would go there every summer to visit her. I grew up knowing I wanted to live in Texas during some time of my life. My cousins would take me to College Station and we would go to “Dixie Chicken”. In High School I toured almost every University in California and then I toured some schools in Texas as well. I thought I was going to go to TCU but I had a mutual friend that went to A&M and I asked her a lot of questions about it. I had a family friend set me up with roommates in College Station and I decided to go to Texas A&M. I was the only student in my high school to go to college in Texas. I was so glad that I was here my freshman year because my grandma passed away that year. My grandma and I got to spend time together before she passed away. I also have family in the Houston area and I got to ┬ásee them all the time. Everyone enjoys seeing each other and having each other close.

Every morning I use my roommate’s Keurig to ┬ámake my daily coffee drink that gets me through the day. I use the smallest amount of coffee that the keriug makes and put it in a big cup. I put five ice cubes in the cup and I put in half an inch of vanilla creamer. Then I fill the rest of the cup with milk and with five more ice cubes. That is my daily drink, even when I run out of K-cups I will make sure I still have my coffee for the day. I love studying at coffee shops. Sweet Eugene’s is one of my favorite coffee shops to study at because I like the background noise and it is fun to see people that I know there.

With being a teacher, coffee will have to continue to be part of my daily morning and getting ready ritual. It is also a mental thing for me; when I have coffee I feel like I can function and be ready for the day. This is something that I know will not go away. It is fun to coordinate drinks with the weather and how I am feeling. Coffee has a big part of traveling in my life. Puerto Rico has the absolute best coffee I have had. On the top of the coffee there is foam and they drizzle some kind of sweet syrup on top that was incredible. It melts in your mouth and is so good! Every morning in Puerto Rico we would go to a certain coffee shop and to this day, it is one of our favorite memories from the trip, just chilling out and enjoying the atmosphere and the coffee. When I studied abroad in Italy during our break, the owners of a coffee shop near us would make my friends and me a chocolate cappuccino that was amazing. We would do this nearly every day, getting a chocolate croissant and a strong cappuccino. I link coffee and my love of it with adventures, traveling, and great memories.

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