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Erin, 30s, North Texas

Favorite coffee shops: The Nest (Frisco), Summer Moon (Frisco), and Honeylu’s (Prosper)

I was introduced to coffee was when I was about six or seven on a road trip with my dad. My dad drinks black coffee and he had some with him on the road. I got really thirsty and asked my dad if we could stop somewhere.  Instead of stopping he suggested that I try his coffee, which had turned cold by that time.  I took a big sip of it and thought coffee was the grossest thing on planet earth. Looking back, I wonder if my dad was trying to get me to not bug him about trying his coffee because he thought I was too young.  

I did not have coffee again until I was in college. The social aspect of coffee shops and meeting up with friends did not start until my freshman year at Mary Hardin Baylor. When Starbucks became popular, I started going there and really found myself drinking their ‘coffee drinks’ that was basically drinking sugar with a little bit of coffee. I decided I loved coffee and I told absolutely everyone that I loved coffee. When a new coffee shop was opening on campus, I was even put on a committee to go taste the coffee beans and help come up with the signature coffee for the coffee shop opening on campus.

I really feel like I learned to love coffee when I was living in Greece, because there is literally a coffee shop on every single corner. The coffee there is just so very good. Much of the coffee is from locally owned coffee shops and it is the people’s work and passion they do all the time and they want it to be perfect.  “Going to coffee” was different in Greece, because  you could just sit for hours and hours with your coffee and talk. Meals are longer there and it is common to just sit afterwards with tea or coffee and talk. The coffee and hot chocolate art there was really on point; looking pretty makes it taste better.

I had gone to a Christian Conference, Catalyst, and heard the speakers talk about the average age that girls first started to be trafficked is twelve. It just broke my heart to think that these girls have so much ripped away from them. For two years, I found myself in prayer for these girls; sometimes the Lord would wake me up in the middle of the night to pray for them. I had a full-time girl’s ministry job and I felt like I was being effective, but there’s this story in Acts 8 about the Ethiopian Eunuch that really opened my eyes. In Acts 8, Philip has a thriving ministry in Samaria where there was much joy. God asked Philip to leave it all and stand in a road in a desert place. Philip rose and went. The Eunuch passed by in the chariot and was reading Isaiah. Philip was called to go over to Him and he shared Christ with Him and explained to the Eunuch what he was reading. The Eunuch believed and was baptized. This story really helped me to have boldness in stepping out and answering the Lord’s call in my life. When I was 29 I felt like I was called to move overseas and that is how I ended up in Greece for three months. I helped these girls find their identity in Christ and there is something special about that. The biggest thing I learned in Greece was to have a global perspective on things and I l

earned what it meant to really fellowship with people.

Coffee is such an easy inlet to real life and deep conversations.  I like to meet parents, leaders and students at a coffee shop with an open Bible between us.  God is a relational God and community is important. Conversation is able to flow because one hand has your Bible and one has your coffee, so you don’t have your phone. My love for coffee and prayerfully Christ has been passed on to the students who I minister to now.  I pray that their memories of me is sitting down drinking coffee and studying scriptures together.

I love the cheesy but true saying, “If she has coffee in her hand, and Jesus in her heart, and probably dry shampoo in her hair, she can conquer the world.” There’s a lesson in coffee; you can’t just stay with everything you have known. Have a cup of black coffee, try a new flavor or place you have never tried before. For Sabbath on Fridays I will go to a new coffee shop, take my Bible and have my coffee and connect with the Lord. Do not be so busy that you do not stop to rest in the Lord. For me the best way to rest is with a good cup of coffee, my Bible and journal.

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