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Ashley, 23 years old, Central Texas (California Native)


I started drinking coffee during my freshman year of High School. I had a lot of classes and I started drinking coffee to stay up and study and I quickly got hooked. I would hang out with friends at coffee shops in High School, but I did not really start to do that regularly until college. I go to Texas A&M and my favorite coffee shop here in College Station is Sweet Eugene’s. I really like the decor, trendiness and the inviting atmosphere of the coffee shop. Another thing I like about Sweet Eugene’s is the fun drink choices they have.

I grew up in California a

nd moved to Texas to try something different and to be closer to my dad. I wanted to branch out and try to live in a place where the people would be different from me and I would be forced out of my comfortable California bubble. I chose to come to Texas A&M because of the friendly people. When I visited College Station for the first time, people were opening doors for me and saying howdy to me; it was all so cool and totally different from what I was used to. I am about to graduate this upcoming week and I can seriously say that coffee got me through college. Maybe that would be a cute graduation cap idea-haha.

I am about to start a fellows program with my local church where I will get to work full time in the college ministry and get to take classes to learn more about God. Coming to College Station and A&M has been transformational with my relationship with God. In California it was easier for me to be distracted by things and for my number one focus not to be on the Lord. Being here in College Station, God has placed so many people in my life to bring me closer to Him and taught me so much about who He is. Now I know that life is so much better with Him and in a community other than on my own. I am really excited for my next chapter with this opportunity to learn and grow even more in the Lord!

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