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It’s time for a… STUDY BREAK!

Wow oh wow, being back at school after a break is CRAAZZZY and a tad bit overwhelming! Are there any college students (or past students) out there that feel my pain? The empathy is appreciated, thank you! Getting back in the groove, no matter what, is never easy. That is why it is nice, at the end of a long and slightly stressful week, to have a little escape from all of the hustle and bustle. “Harvest” in Downtown Bryan has always served as that escape for me. It is a pleasant shop that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Downtown Bryan is only about a ten to fifteen minute drive away from the campus of Texas A&M, so it is just the perfect amount of time to “get away” without really doing so.


I’m really a sucker for cute downtowns. Being from Mckinney, home of the cutest downtown square in the United States and maybe even the world (no bias here at all people,haha), I am not easily impressed by the downtown’s of small towns. But, Downtown Bryan was such a beautiful surprise for me the first time that I ever had the chance to visit it my freshman year of college. It differs from Downtown McKinney in many ways but, at the same time, it still reminds me of home and that’s always a great feeling.


What really makes Downtown Bryan for me is the gem of a coffee shop that it has in it. If I was in charge of designing my ideal coffee shop using my favorite designs, I bet that it would not look very different than “Harvest”. You walk through the nice, wooden glass door of “Harvest”,that is adorned with the Texas Lone Star, and you are immediately greeted with the wonderful smell of coffee and the warm aesthetic appeal of the coffee shop. The wood paneling, quirky light fixtures and exposed bricks are enough to make me fall in love. The floor is what really got my attention though, as funny as that sounds. The floor is mostly cement but a small portion of the flooring looks like it is the original floors of the dated building the coffee shop is now in. The flooring consists of small white tiles that have gray flower designs dispersed on it. The flooring definitely does not have a certain pattern or “method to the madness”, but that is something that I truly appreciate. I love it when things are perfectly imperfect, it makes it that much more real and relatable. The style of the whole shop is rustic but with chic touches here and there, like the cool light fixtures and other touches that they place here and there. One of my absolute favorite touches in “Harvest” is the table that holds the creamer, straws, napkins and different things like that. The table is a repurposed piano that is absolutely beautiful and such a cool concept! I need to learn how to do what they did to make that because it is very neat and definitely adds to the feel of the shop.


When you go to “Harvest” I think it would be a crime to not try their Harvest Latte. I have gotten it hot before, which is amazing, but this was my first time getting it on the rocks and it was just as incredible. The latte is some kind of raw pure cane sugar and vanilla concoction that creates a party in your mouth. My friend, Jess, came with Madison and I and she ordered the iced chai latte that they serve there. She isn’t the biggest coffee fan so this was the best happy medium for her and she said that it’s delicious and a definite must-have. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try next time!


The atmosphere of “Harvest” seems to follow closely with the heart of Downtown Bryan. To me, it seems like the heart of Downtown Bryan is to bring people in the community together and provide things that children and adults can both enjoy. Downtown Bryan has interesting and fun events like “First Friday”. During a “First Friday” all of the downtown shops, stores, and restaurants stay open late for everyone to come and enjoy. Vendors and booths are set up on the street conners and there are musicians that set up on the streets and play many different types of music, ranging from country to bagpipes. There are unique homemade things that you can purchase at the booths and there are also fun things for kids like face-painting, crafts, and games. I think “Harvest” is absolutely perfect for its location because inside you see that same type of diversity and people from all different backgrounds spending their time there. When we went to “Harvest”there were business people getting their work done, college and high school students studying, and families just hanging out. At the table right in front of us there was a sweet family of four playing scrabble. The parents sipped on their steaming cups up coffee and their little boys slurped up their Fanta sodas in old fashioned glass bottles. I adore places that everyone feels welcome to go to and brings everyone together! Downtown Bryan and “Harvest” are pretty amazing and one of a kind places. We’re already looking forward to our next trip to Downtown Bryan and our next iced Harvest latte very soon!

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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Connect with “Harvest” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harvestcoffeebar/


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