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Back to the grind…Back to College Station, Tx.

Every college town has their own special place for different things. Their own special place to get the “best” pizza or the most popular place to get the best college merchandise. Well, coffee shops are no different. If you’re a college student at Texas A&M and you even remotely like coffee, chances are you know the “in” places you should go. Even if you’re not a coffee fan, I would venture to bet you have probably stepped into at least one of the popular coffee shops one time or another. Around the campus of Texas A&M there are some neat, original, and somewhat quirky (in a good way) places to discover. And trust me, we’ve seen them all. We’ll save those places to feature for a different day. Today we were feeling something new. We were feeling a little more adventurous than normal and wanted to go somewhere we had never been or tasted before. I was talking to one of my friends about a week or so ago that lives in South College Station. Let me let you in on a little scoop, South College Station might as well be its own town. South College Station is completely different from the College Station near the University. Many people call it “Family College Station” because it is where most of the families live. Everything there is nice, new, and fresh. There is still a lot of open land around there which is super great. It’s definitely a nice escape from the A&M part of the city and you’re almost guaranteed not to find many college students out that way.


Anyway, my friend who lives in that area in a house mentioned a new coffee shop there called “Gogh Gogh Coffee Company”. I was shocked that I’d never been there before or even heard of it. She said it was spacious and still on the down low so I knew I needed to check it out quickly. Today presented itself as the perfect day to do just that. Madison and I ventured out there after lunch planning on getting some studying done before we have to head back to school tomorrow. The shop itself is in a small strip center on the left side. The sign is super cute and even says “coffee” on the side view. When you walk in, the spaciousness of the building is astonishing. I love high ceilings and large, extended windows and that is just what “Gogh  Gogh Coffee Company” provided. The seating is dispersed, but a majority of the seating is right when you walk into the shop. The coffee bar is pushed back and has wooden counter that gives the space a really cool and fresh feel.  In front of the bar is a really cool mural that resembles Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” masterpiece. I really appreciated this touch because I thought the play on words was unique and funny. I’m all about cute and fun details and “Gogh Gogh Coffee Company” didn’t disappoint. Even for such a large space it still felt welcoming and comfortable. A little wooden barrel served as the creamer, straw, and napkin table to the side of the bar. It’s simple and thoughtful touches like that that really makes a place for me. The exposed brick and cool upstairs indoor balcony with seating really made an impression and made this shop different than others I have been to in the past.


I ordered an iced carmel macchiato, one of my favorite drinks, while Madison got an iced latte with Hazelnut. After trying both, I definitely was happy with my pick, you can never go wrong with caramel! Studying and sipping on your delicious drink is definitely sweeter with worship music playing in the background. It was like the songs they played came directly from my Pandora playlist (gimme some King’s Kaleidoscope and Hillsong please) which was a wonderful treat! Don’t you love it when places basically just read your mind? winky emjoi

Guess which one’s the caramel macchiato?

One cool thing about “Gogh Gogh Coffee Company” is that it I discovered that it is about a 5-7 minute drive to a fun place I like to escape to from time to time. I babysat in this extremely cool and hidden neighborhood only a couple times, but that was enough to fall in love with the area. It’s called “The Villages of Indian Lakes” and it is located down a little country road that you think leads to no where.






It’s a pleasant place to drive through with the windows rolled down and the country music up high. The houses are magnificent and don’t even get me started on the trees. The trees are gorgeous, that’s all I’ll say. “The Villages of Indian Lakes” have the coolest infinity pool I have ever seen overlooking one of the “Indian Lakes”. There’s even some hiking and biking trails around those parts as well. “The Villages of Indian Lakes” is definitely a hidden jewel in College Station and a great place to cruise around while enjoying a scrumptious brew from “Gogh Gogh Coffee Company”! I’m sure a trip back to South College Station is definitely in Madison and my future very soon!



Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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