“Coffee Off The Square” in Sulphur Springs, TX

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Take me Downtown. 


If you haven’t noticed it yet, downtown squares in Texas are my love language. I honestly love everything about them. Even if you are just passing through, which is what we were doing during this visit, there is so much to discover and an abundance of charm to experience. Sulphur Springs has the sweetest downtown that absolutely stunned me. “The Celebration City”, as Sulphur Springs is often called because of the more than 300 public activities and events that Celebration plaza holds each year, is truly all its own and I have yet to see a downtown like it. I can see why County Line Magazine named Sulphur Springs as the “Most Improved Small Town” in the region. What I honestly believe is that downtowns are one thousand times better when they have good coffee shops. Other people may have different ideas, but I am holding on strong to that idea. Thankfully, Sulphur Springs did not disappoint and the town had a wonderful coffee shop right off the square. The shop is still in downtown but not on the physical Sulphur Springs square. The building itself is quite impressive and stands taller than both shops on either side of it. A vintage charm definitely enchants the building and the large coffee sign on the top makes the shop incredibly difficult to miss. When walking up to the shop, you are greeted with strung lights, cute outdoor seating, and a “free coffee for veterans” sign. The outside of “Coffee Off the Square” is so welcoming and made me even more excited to check out the inside of the shop.

I walked into the shop and saw something amazing inside that I had never seen before! In the middle of “Coffee Off the Square” is a gorgeous tile fountain topped with a plant. How cool is that? I loved the unique touch that made the shop feel like there was a touch of outside within. The shop also has serval potted plants and even a tree that adds to the outdoor nature vibes that the fountain creates. I honestly love the touches here and there and think it makes “Coffee Off the Square” one of a kind. The shop has its fair share of stain glass windows that are absolute incredible. The stainglass definitely highlights the vintage building and area that the shop is in. The shop’s colors are light and bright and are complemented beautifully with the strung lantern lights and encouraging decor pieces. My favorite decor sign in the shop says, “I can do all things through prayer & coffee”. The accuracy of that statement rings so true!

One of my favorite things is when businesses are passed down from family member to family member. This shop is family owned and has been “Coffee Off the Square” since 2013. The shop was started by Susie Thesing who had a dream of opening a coffee shop. The goal of the shop was to cultivate a comfortable space for the Sulphur Springs community to enjoy amazing coffee. Thesing collaborated with family and they have been able to grow the shop in multiple ways through the years. The coffee shop doubles as a cafe with incredible local food that is created from scratch. “Coffee Off the Square” is also involved in the community in which it is located and stays open for holidays and events that go on in the square like for Relay for Life and the Fourth of July. The shop has a vast menu with many options to choose from. At the front of the shop there is great display of different drip coffees to choose from as well. Madison and I ordered the iced latte for the long trip we had ahead of us. At “Coffee Off the Square” each iced latte starts with 3 shots of espresso and you can always add a flavor of your choice. We decided to get the hazelnut flavor and I can honestly say that is was extremely tasteful. This is definitely a more creamy iced latte with a heavy taste and smooth texture. Next time in the shop I think I want to try the Vietnamese iced coffee!

Our adventure in Sulphur Springs was such an unexpected pleasure! I would love to go back to “The Celebration City” to make a day out of it instead of simply passing through. But whether you are staying for the weekend or driving through the city

, “Coffee Off the Square” is a must see that your tastebuds will absolutely adore! Visiting the shop is truly an experience and much better than hitting up the drive thru of the nearest chain coffee shop!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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