“Coffee N Cream” in Frisco, TX

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“Would you like a little bit of coffee with your cream?”

Have you heard of that saying before? It always cracks me up because we all know THAT person. That person who claims to love coffee but fills more than half of their cup up with cream. As funny as I think that saying is, getting to this shop was a whole different story. It’s not that the store is hard to get to or in a bad part of town; the weather was simply being crazy the day my friend Jessica and I went to this shop. The sky was like a light show and the rain was coming down in buckets and buckets. We made it to the shop safely though and it was definitely worth all of the drama to get there. “Coffee N Cream” is in a standalone building right by the hustle and bustle of many strip centers and other shops. The shop has a charming outdoor seating area with a wooden awning with adorable hanging lights. I would have loved to sit outside and admire the cool sky that evening, but the weather was definitely not permitting. When you walk into the shop, it simply feels homey. The warm colors in the shop and the people gathering all around makes “Coffee N Cream” feel like a quaint meeting place. We were there just an hour before closing and the shop was hopping. There were ladies knitting together, friends gathered around chatting, and people having some kind of meeting. The wood paneling used on the walls, the warm colors of the walls, light fixtures, and furniture make the shop feel extremely cozy. Displayed on the wall was a board of different community activities and events. I adore when coffee shops are involved in the community and display events going on in the area. Another thing that I love that this shop did was decorate for holidays. The Fourth of July was just a couple days before we went to this shop and “Coffee N Cream” still had their adorable Fourth of July decorations up. I love it when coffee shops decorate for holidays and embrace the season we are in. Right as you walk in, to the right, there is a precious children’s area with a small table a chairs. There is a huge coffee mug filled with crayons and there is paper for kids to color on. Above the miniature table and chairs is the sweetest light fixture I have seen yet. The light fixture consists of different colored mugs with designs hanging with lights inside of them. There is also a wall mural with a cute animal driving a “Coffee N Cream” coffee truck through Frisco, Tx. I have yet to go to the coffee shop with a kids’ area and I think this is perfect. Children might get a little squirmy with accompanying ┬áparents to coffee dates, so this children’s area is the perfect solution to that. “Coffee N Cream” has an abundance of tables and chairs. Jessica and I were able to snag the comfy overstuffed chairs near the window; the perfect view of the crazy storm.



Like many of the coffee shops in the Dallas area, “Coffee N Cream” uses the “Oak Cliff” coffee roasters. I love the choice of roasters and for choosing a local company! I ordered an iced caramel macchiato and it was absolutely delicious. They were generous with the caramel, my favorite part, so I was a happy camper. Jessica ordered an iced chai latte and she loved hers equally as much as I did. We sipped our drinks down to nothing in practically no time! Something unique about this coffee shop is that they also do custom beautiful cakes. If you go through their website you can scroll through all of the past amazing cakes they have done. In the shop there is also a shelf that displays some sample cakes. Beside the shelf is a sign I would love to display in my own house because it is pretty true of my life. The sign is on a cute little chalk board and says, “Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts”. There are also scrumptious looking desserts in store that you can order to eat with your yummy coffee drinks. They also serve “Blue Bell” ice cream. How can you get more delicious and Texan than that?!


If I could describe this shop in three words I would simply describe it was “the gathering place”. The shop is inviting, warm, and a wonderful place to catch up, grab a dessert and steaming hot cup of coffee.

, Allie Boykin

Photos by Jessica Kiley and Allie Boykin.


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