Coffee Jerks in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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We all know the Texas vs. Oklahoma jokes…But let’s be honest, our neighbor isn’t too bad! If you don’t agree with me, well, you probably will after you try this awesome coffee house in Oklahoma City! This shop had me the moment I read the name. I thought it was cute, it was funny, and definitely eye catching.

Here’s everything you need to know about Coffee Jerks in Oklahoma City:

Appearance: Sure, this isn’t the biggest shop in the world, but a lot is packed into the space in a way that really works. While there are kind of two different styles going on in the shop, the shop is mostly industrial chic with the use of metal chairs, having exposed beams, and sleek light fixtures. I think the other style, the vintage flair in some seating choices and furniture pieces is rather adorable! The bikes hanging from the tall ceiling make for fun touches, as well as the OKC chalk wall mural. Very unique and very true to the location the shop is in!

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? We came super early on a Saturday morning, so there weren’t many people out and about yet! It was hard to be able to see what a lot of people came to the shop to do… But based on the lay out, the tall and long table in the middle of the shop is perfect for bigger parties; there are tables around the shop for up to three, and cute vintage chairs for a person going solo on his or her visit. That being said, I would venture to say that you could come to this shop for all three!

Coffee? Don’t even get me started!!! I am OBSESSED with this shop’s iced coffee. When I mean obsessed, I mean that I’m still thinking about it after over two weeks…YUM! It had a distinct taste that I really clicked with. I didn’t even ask for flavoring. I just had their iced coffee with a wee bit of cream and sugar. They really knocked it out of the park here for me. Madison ordered their iced coffee, as well, and Montanna got their brew of the day. All of us were impressed. Coffee jerks had Crimson Cup coffee that you could purchase in the store.

Drive thru? Yes! When we came back to the shop the next day, we used the drive thru and it was fast and efficient!


Food options? The shop had delicious looking muffins and other pastry options! Come ready for something sweet.

What stuck out to you about this shop? The employees at this shop rock! The girls working both days we went were energetic and sweet to absolutely everyone who they helped in the drive thru or at the counter. That is not something that you always see, especially early on a Saturday morning!

Fun Fact! They have adorable merch!!! The shirts, mugs, and travel mugs at Coffee Jerks are stellar. Madison had to get one of their shirts that says “Joe”, as in “Cup of Joe”. She loves it and wears it all the time.


2820 NW 122nd St.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


M-F 6:30a–7p
Sa 7a–7p
Su 7a–7p



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