Coffee, Coffee, Coffee Cake

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What a pair, enough to share!

I absolutely love eating something sweet with my coffee. I work at a bakery so I am always surrounded by plenty of amazing things to eat that are full of sugar. It’s hard to get muffins or coffee cake at coffee shops because they are sometimes pricey and probably made with more sugary ingredients than I would like. As much as I love going to local shops to get my daily java, drinking coffee at home is also a norm. I love baking and love drinking cof

fee. So what better thing to do than to make some coffee cake? I researched some delicious recipes for desserts that go perfectly with my favorite caffeinated drink. I tweaked the recipes a little to my liking to get the results I would love. I wanted to share this scrumptious lemon blueberry bread recipe so you will also be able to enjoy this yummy treat with your coffee. We were able to enjoy this bread with our family from out of town and some wonderful iced coffee. It was a fantastic evening with a lovely treat! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Watch our tutorial video below and let us know what you think!

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