“Classic Rock Coffee Co.” in Navasota, TX

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Put another dime in the juke box baby.

I love themes and when places really do a great job representing something special. “Classic Rock Coffee Co.” screams “rock n roll” more than anywhere I have ever been, well except maybe Elvis’ house but that’s the only exception. You can’t compete with the king, but this shop does an extremely impressive job highlighting the sounds, looks, and even the tastes of “rock n roll”. You’re probably thinking, “rock n roll” doesn’t have a specific taste, you’re crazy. I would argue that “rock n roll” is one of the most bold genres of music out there, especially at its beginning, and the bold taste of the coffee at the “Classic Rock Coffee Co.” does a wonderful job matching the boldness of rock. “Classic Rock Coffee Co.” roasts and cups coffees from all around the world prior to selecting our lineup. They are very selective with the coffee that they use. They have blends ranging from Back in Black Bold, Breakfast in America Morning Brew and Barracuda Bite.

Although “Classic Rock Coffee Co.” is a franchise, there is only one location that is currently in Texas. There are locations of this coffee shop all over the world ranging from Nevada all the way to Pune, India. The location in Navasota is incredibly unique with the dim lighting, use of the metal on the walls and the many mounted electric guitars and images and paintings of rock stars. The design of the shop and colors are definitely edgy but still inviting. I normally wouldn’t say that edgy could be homey but this place proved me way wrong. The cute study nooks on either side of the shop, the comfy black leather couches, and classic rock playing in the background makes “Classic Rock Coffee Co.”  a place where you want to stay. There is plenty of room for students or businessmen to get work done as well as friends or groups to lounge around and hangout with one another.

If you go to the back of the coffee shop, you will find a community room on the right side and a fun lit space full of vinyls and an abundance of different guitars. It is such a sweet touch and I think it really legitimizes the shop as the true home of “rock n roll”. It was so fun to just walk around and explore all of the neat goodies that the shop so beautifully displays.

“Classic Rock Coffee Co.” has an abundance of traditional coffee drinks, flavored coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, and protein shakes. There truly is something for absolutely everyone available on their menu. If you are hungry, they also have delicious looking sandwiches, flatbreads, salads, and all day breakfast. I ordered the “Cinnamon girl” which was a frozen blended expresso based drink with cinnamon and honey. I have never experienced a drink with this flavor combo before and I thought it was extremely delightful. The flavors were surprisingly delicious together and even better with the expresso. The drink was incredible and I highly recommend it for the next time you swing by Navasota.

Navasota really is a special town that deserves a visit. Take a day to enjoy the charming downtown and all of the shops and beautiful buildings around town. Make sure you stop by “Classic Rock Coffee Co.” to fuel your journey.


Allie Boykin

P.S. Shoutout to our awesome cousin Becky that allowed us to use her great video she created highlighting this cool coffee shop! Thanks Becky!!!



Photos by Allie Boykin and Adrianna Brady 

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