“CJ’s Coffee Cafe” in Denison, TX

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Downtowns and coffee, coffee, coffee…

I’m not sure if you have yet noticed, but I absolutely love downtowns. I love the old buildings and I love the creativity that goes into renovating the spaces and creating them into something spectacular and special.  Downtown Dension was very sweet and I loved all of the cute buildings, businesses and spaces. The downtown stood out to me because many of the buildings were fun and bright colors that you don’t see everyday. The shops and boutiques looked amazing and I am definitely excited to go back one day and check all of them out! I could spend hours and hours walking through and exploring the awesome downtowns of Texas. “CJ’s” is in the adorable downtown strip and attached in a way but with space so there was room for a drive through. The building itself is made of stone making it much different looking than the brick buildings around it. There’s a great  outdoor seating deck area with shade from the hot summer sun. The mixed wooden and metal outdoor chairs and tables make for a great space for chilling out with friends and family while sipping on your coffee. The outdoor seating area backs up to a white wall that has neat rustic little mounted plant holders and vintage windows with painted glass. I absolutely love these touches that make sitting outside just as homey and inviting as the inside of the shop. There is a hanging basket of purple flowers in the deck area. Flower hanging baskets are some of my favorite things in the entire world and I love that touch in the “CJ’s” outdoor area. To the right of the building is a little alley way that doubles as their drive-through area. There is a painted white brick wall there on the other building to the right of the drive-through. On the wall is a fantastic mural that makes it look as if a big puzzle piece of the wall was taken out. The mural consists of a galaxy with stars and planets with piano keyboard rings. Sitting “on” the mural is a converse and headphone wearing dreamer that seems to be holding the planets on a string with a guitar and steaming coffee beside him. How many coffee shops can you say have their own quirky, unique, and amazing mural? Definitely a wonderful place for some cute picture opportunities showcasing your delicious java!


“CJ’s” roasts their own beans, which is definitely something that sets it apart from others. They have their roasted beans that you can purchase as well. They have beans from all different places like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Tanzania. I adore that they have beans from all over but locally roast them at home in Denison. The beverage I purchased was called “campfire” and it was a frozen blended drink with mixed flavors that resembled a smokey campfire. Madison and Kaylee got the mocha frozen blended drink with whipped cream. They were fans and said it was a great chilled drink to get on a toasty hot day. My mom isn’t a huge coffee fan (I know, shocker right?) and she got “CJ’s” iced blackberry tea. She is pretty particular about her tea and it isn’t too easy to impress, but the blackberry tea hit the spot for her. “CJ’s” has a cozy location with a good amount of seating and a bar area by the window. The coffee shop is in an old greyhound station. I’m a huge fan of buildings with a history and past that have been transformed and used in a cool, new and fresh way. The walls are all a sweet yellow color; even the brick wall behind the bar is painted this color. The color really gives the shop a fresh and bright feel unlike many dark and more dimly lit shops I have been in. There are bright and fun pieces of local artwork and paintings hung on the walls. I love the cool and fun way to incorporate the community in the shop. All of the tables, some classic wooden and some with cute black and white patterned tablecloths, had small glass vases with a couple of brightly colored fresh flowers in them. I’m a huge fan of fresh flowers, I think that they give a place a little more joy and make it seem more homey. Another cozy feature in “Cj’s” is the little gold fire place. The fire place makes the shop feel more like a home and a bit more comfy and snug. One thing I liked a lot about CJ’s was all of the different types of people that the shop serves. There were businessmen getting their work done, families in the shop laughing and having a good time, and there were sweet older couples going on little afternoon dates. I love it when a coffee shop is able to serve everyone in the community with their different needs and particular facets.


“CJ’s” is a neat place  where you can grab a yummy drink and sit out on the downtown patio and watch the world go by with friends and family! I will definitely be back to Denison and will be sure to grab a coffee from “CJ’s” to sip on while we cruise through downtown.


Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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