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Be there or be square.

Back in the day, calling someone a square meant that they were “uncool”, “not popular”, or even that they were a “boring” person. I strongly disagree with these definitions and uses of the word. As you most likely know by this point, I absolutely adore small towns in this state. What, I think, makes downtowns even better is when they are in a square form. Sure, having a downtown strip or a downtown strand is cool, don’t get me wrong. But having a downtown in a square makes everything look that much more charming, it is hard to pinpoint exactly why but I have a few opinions. I think the square shape makes everything easier to access. Instead of walking down a long strip, you can pick what side of the square to walk on to discover new shops and businesses. The aesthetics appeal is also heightened when the downtown is in a square. Having a lovely old courthouse in the middle of everything, wow, it just ties it all together. Georgetown fits the description of the perfect downtown that I just described to a tee. It reminds me a lot of Downtown McKinney in many ways except for the fact that instead of being in the Dallas area, it is a mere thirty minute drive to Austin. Some differences between the two downtowns are that Downtown Georgetown is quite larger and has a bit more intricate buildings. The style and detail put into the buildings in Georgetown is definitely not the same as McKinney. Something special about Georgetown is that the Blue Hole park is located only five blocks north of the square. Madison and I stumbled upon this adorable area to relax and enjoy the water on a hot steamy day. The park has wading areas, places for picnics and a pavilion. On the day that we visited Georgetown there was a fierce thunderstorm or we would have loved to enjoy some tasty coffee in the this park. Georgetown is definitely in a cool and unique setting where you can enjoy fun uptown vibes and nature simultaneously.

Madison and I heard that Georgetown had a coffee shop that we just had to go to and we were in town for a wedding (so fun!) so it was the absolute perfect opportunity to get to try it out. Walking along the brick sidewalks through the town was such a delight, when the sky decided not to dump rain on us. We came upon “Cianfrani Coffee Company”, a neat mustard yellow shop with framed blue windows and panelling. The colors worked extremely nicely together and I was already impressed and excited to check it out. When we walked in the shop, we were immediately charmed by the live music playing which definitely had a cool Texan vibe and the unique artwork on the walls. The coffee bar and counter is pushed at the very back of the long shop. I actually liked this because it forces you to come and settle in before even ordering your beverage. The shop is spacious with plenty of comfy couch sitting and chairs and tables. The space doubles as a wonderful place to do work and just hang out and converse with friends. “Cianfrani Coffee Company” served people of every age and life stage, from young families with little children and senior adults enjoying the tunes. It is always a good sign when a good mixture of different people are found enjoying the same gathering place, I love that.

“Cianfrani Coffee Company” serves as their own coffee roaster and has been doing so since 1992. The shop pledges to use “only premium Arabica Coffees” that “represent the top 2% of the world’s finest crop”. They slow roast in small batches to maximize the flavor. On the back wall of the shop there are self-serve roasts that you can bag for yourself. I like how they have both full beans and grounds to choose from. Not the biggest coffee fan in the world? That’s okay! They also have a tea shelf set up with different tea leaves to choose from ranging from herbal to oolong tea and everything in-between. I was on quite the iced coffee kick that week so that is what I ordered. Like many Arabica coffee bean brews, the coffee had a softer taste. These beans are more acidic than others but have a sweeter taste; this makes me not have to use as much creamer in the coffee, which is nice. Madison ordered the iced white mocha and she really liked it. That is one of her favorite drinks and this one definitely ranked up there as one of the best on her list. I absolutely love to bake. Baking calms me and I honestly enjoy every second of doing it! The bakers’ heart in me exploded when I saw all of the amazing goodies that this shop had to offer! Everything, absolutely everything, looked delicious and I had a very hard time deciding what to finally order with my coffee. They had everything from gluten free banana nut muffins, apple fritters, large pumpkin muffins, huge mouthwatering cinnamon rolls, and even more if you can believe it! I decided on the blueberry scone and it was the absolute perfect companion to my coffee. I love how scones are sweet but not too over powering to where you feel regretful after eating it. Being so close to Austin, they have a special treat that I’m sure little kiddos enjoy and take full advantage of. They serve “Amy’s Ice Cream”, an Austin favorite! They even have a coffee flavored ice cream, how appropriate!

Our time in Georgetown was nothing but enjoyable. The frightful weather had nothing on our time exploring the downtown and sipping on some delicious java. When you make it out to Austin, make a stop through Georgetown, even if you have an hour to play with, I promise you surely won’t regret it.


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