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If I was making a list of some of the most creative and original coffee shops in Texas that I have ever been to, “Caffe Promenade” would definitely make the list without a single doubt in my mind. The shop rests in Allen, Texas, right in the hustle and bustle of booming North Texas. I was given a few suggestions from our awesome followers to check “Caffe Promenade” out so I was very excited to finally be able to stop by! The shop is not far away from one of the biggest High School football stadiums in Texas, Allen Stadium. If you want to have your mind blown on how impressive a high school football stadium can be, make sure you drive by on your way there! On the outside, “Caffe Promenade” looks like a pretty standard strip center coffee house. To me, that’s the best part because you are not expecting anything very unique or spectacular. When you walk into the shop prepare yourself to be visually stimulated because there is quite a lot going on! There are absolutely gorgeous paintings on the walls of mountain landscapes with valleys, waterfalls, and lakes. The walls actually have texture that makes the waterfalls and mountains that much more real. I do not even want to know how long it took the artist to paint all of the walls, but however long it took it was definitely worth it; it is absolutely beautiful. The paintings match perfectly with the name of the shop, “Promenade” meaning a public walk usually by some kind of a water front. The coffee shop has an Asian flair to it that is really fun as well. There are huge doors against a wall for decoration that look like they belong as the entrance to an emperor’s palace. Artificial cherry blossom trees adorn the waterfall mural area that add a sweet touch to the shop. Around the shop there are burlap bags and framed burlap bags that display where their different beans are from. It is pretty neat that you are able to stroll around and see all of the different places that supply coffee beans for “Caffe Promenade”. One of my absolute favorite elements in the shop are two displays of coffee bean art. The coffee bean art is displayed in huge glass frames that are as tall as you and me! The beans are different colors and are organized in different patterns that are too cool. I have never seen art like this before and I totally loved it! It was a good reminder that art can be truly anything and everything we want it to be.

This shop has some of the most unique seating I have every seen. How can seating be unique, you ask? There are chairs and tables, tall tables with stools, picnic tables, and a large working table with cushioned office rolling chairs. I do not think I have ever seen more businessmen working on their laptops than I did at this shop. “Caffe Promenade” does an excellent job accommodating working guests and socializing guests in the very best way they can. It is almost like you are not even leaving the office, you have your desk and chair waiting for you there. “Caffe Promenade” has something I had not seen before to also accommodate students in such an awesome way! To the side of the shop there is a small quiet study room. I have seen quiet rooms in coffee shops before but not one quite like this. The room has individual desk areas that are closed off, like having your own mini cubicle area so you can really focus and get things done. What a cool idea to really help students concentrate and take off on their studies?! I thought it was an absolutely great idea. If you find yourself walking to the very back of the store, down a long hallway to the bathroom you will see one of the most cool elements in the whole shop! The long hallway is darkly lit and has a forest painted on the walls. The tree trunks and stumps are realistically sticking out of the wall and have texture. A neat thing is that you can actually sign the forest wall to say that you really did stop by and visit “Caffe Promenade”. Documenting memories is something I love to do and what a better way to do it than that?

At this shop we ordered an iced white chocolate mocha, a favorite drink of Madison’s that she orders quite a bit. She liked it because it was not light but was not heavy as some white chocolate mochas are. It was the perfect consistency and matched the iced sprinkled doughnut we had there. “Caffe Promenade” definitely knows how to match their delicious coffee with yummy treats!

This shop is out of the ordinary and such a neat place to stop by and discover. We throughly enjoyed our trip to “Caffe Promenade” and know for a fact that we will be back! Looking for the perfect place to work, study, or socialize? This coffee shop is perfect for you!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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