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BOOM is right word to describe this shop. Through the years, I have heard good things about BoomTown and have definitely wanted to try it for myself. If you live in the Houston area or are visiting (like we were), this Downtown Houston coffee shop for sure needs to be on your list to visit!

Everything you need to know when visiting BoomTown Coffee:

Locations? This awesome coffee shop and roastery has a few different locations. There is one in Downtown Houston on Main Street, where we went, and there is one in The Heights. They are opening a new BoomTown Coffee in the Understory which looks like an amazing place in and of itself.

Appearance? The Downtown shop has major New Orleans vibes that we absolutely love. I mean, who doesn’t love that city? The inside of the shop is super warm and inviting, but it has a definite flair and style about it. The arched lit mirrors behind the bar, the fancy vintage style light fixtures, and nice wicker chairs definitely make the place all its own. This place is nice without being standoffish and stuffy. We have all been in those kind of places before, and that’s not my forte.

Do I come here to chill, socialize, or study? We visited the shop on a weekend and we saw people doing all three. There’s a bar area that someone was working at, there’s lifted tables that families were chilling at, and there’s plenty of smaller tables for couples or smaller parties. At this coffee shop you can find yourself doing any of the activities above.

Coffee? Wow… This coffee left me wanting to come back for more and more and more! Their menu is SO helpful and it really spells out what is in the drinks you can order. I ordered one of the custom concoctions, The Crud, which is their house NOLO style with cold brew, expresso, chicory, vanilla and cream. It was delicious and definitely not something that you can just get anywhere. The flavors complimented the coffee and didn’t overpower it. Madison and Kaylee ordered the Toddy Mocha, which is iced with cold brew, expresso, chocolate, and milk. They said it had a good blend of chocolate without it being too much or too little.

Dad and I were super interested in their beans, especially since they are small batch speciality coffee roasters. We got a few bags, we already went through one and are working through the other. Honestly, we’re trying to draw it out as long as we can. We use both roasts in our Chemex and it’s incredible. We got the Guatemala Decaf with cocoa nib, almond, and caramel. They didn’t have any Guatemala that wasn’t decaf, so this was perfect for us when having late night coffee or pairing with dessert. We also got the Hearts Ablaze Latin Expresso Blend with brown sugar, honey, and baking chocolate. Thankfully on their website they have an option to order these roasts and more! When you purchase a bag in store, though, you get a free drip coffee! That was a nice incentive and perk for sure.

Drive thru? No… And remember, this is right smack dab in the city. Parking can be a little rough, so be patient because it is worth it!

Food options? BoomTown does have some yummy food options. I got their big chocolate chip cookie that was scrumptious. You can never go wrong with a big cookie! They have a weekday and weekend food menu that is full of great options like sandwiches, tacos, sandwiches, salads, sides, and more. This is a great place to park yourself to have a great bite to eat with awesome coffee!

If you know me at all, you know that I have a deep love for Houston because of all of

the wonderful memories I have from growing up there and visiting family there. Boomtown Coffee is just another reason to love it even more!



300 S. MAIN ST.


Hours: They are open everyday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. but close at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday night.

Social Media:

instagram: @boomtowncoffee

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