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What other shop has a more appropriate name than this one on this Halloween day? I thought “Black Forest Coffee” was the absolute perfect coffee shop to spotlight for this scary day; the name and the creepy decorations inside make the shop the best holiday stop. The drinks you will find at “Black Forest Coffee” are anything but spooky though; they are actually quite delicious.

You will find this shop in close distance to the NorthPark Center and only a 12 minute drive from Downtown Dallas. When I pulled up to the shop, I was shocked to see that the coffee house is actually connected to a Half Price Books bookstore. Coffee and books are two of my favorite things so this was music to my ears! Sipping a steaming cup of coffee and walking around trying to find a good read sounds like an excellent way to spend the day. I was curious to why this shop was located in this store and found on the website that “Black Forest Coffee” simply started as an extension of Henk’s Black Forest Bakery located less than a mile away. But through the years, the coffee shop has created its own special place and environment within the bookstore and made a unique name of itself.  And unique it is! When you walk up to the coffee shop part of the building, it is almost like you are walking through a forest. Although not a dark forest, there are different types of trees, shrubbery, and bushes all around that make you feel as if you are walking through one. The inside of “Black Forest Coffee” can be described as having a retro, simplistic, sleek feel. There are wooden French Casement windows and doors around the perimeter separating the bookstore from the coffee shop. The front counter is a light wood and the countertop is a worn-looking darker colored wood. The expresso machine is the most interesting looking machine I have yet to see, and I’ve seen quite a few! Its bright red color pops being in front of the glossy white tiled walls.  This coffee shop belongs in a bookstore in every form and fashion. “Black Forest Coffee” does not disturb the bookstore; it is simply one with it. They work together, hand in hand, providing people with a cup of Joe in one hand and a novel in the other. The shop was full of people reading, catching up, or doing work on their laptops. The shop was decked out for Halloween with spider webs, hanging skeletons, and festive garland. “Black Forest Coffee” sure knows how to celebrate the day in style. Outside of the coffee shop portion of the building and in the bookstore half there were plenty more tables to study or read at as well if the coffee shop portion was too full.

The coffee shop uses Oak Cliff Coffee roasters that is a local roaster from Dallas. They also have a single origin roast from Full City Rooster, also located in Dallas, that changes every week. I like that they have different roasts to try out weekly and that they keep it local. Any desserts they have are also locally baked from the historic Black Forest Bakery in town. I ordered a vanilla latte that I could not get enough of. The flavoring was light and mixed well with the expresso. I love Oak Cliff Coffee so I was sure I was going to be a fan! Madison ordered a frozen blended mocha that was outstanding. The chocolate flavor was extremely strong, which is how she loves it. Their coffee cups do not have a label or logo, but the warm drinks come in jet black paper cups which I thought was a neat touch to go with the name.

I have always believed that the combination of coffee and books was a winning one and this shop was definitely a testament to that. If you find yourself in Dallas with time on your hands, head to “Black Forest Coffee” to browse through a multitude of books with a delicious coffee in your hand!


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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