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Bright colors and bright smiles.

One of my absolute favorite things about coffee shops is the fact that they are all so different and have their own distinct nature and culture. Some shops have the kind of style that is dimly lit and chic, some make you feel like you’re at your grandma’s or great aunt’s house, and some have a industrial and modern style that is sleek and cool. “Biggby” is no exception to this universal truth and most definitely has a culture that is all it’s own. Right when you walk through the door you are immediately struck with the extremely bright colors of the walls and the equally bright personalities of the baristas there. I love being welcomed into a space and being valued as a customer. The employees at “Biggby” hit the nail on the head when it comes to cultivating an inviting environment. Normally I am not a huge fan of super bright lights and colors, but in this this shop it truly works and matches the wonderful atmosphere at this shop to a tee. When you look on the shop website, it is easy to see why the shop feels the warm and lovely way that it does. “Biggby” exists to love people and they truly haveĀ “a genuine interest in everyone who comes through our doors.” I feel like there are many shops that have this as a goal in mind, but it is not as evident to see it actually come to fruition when you are in the shop. But when you are at “Biggby”, you can know without a doubt that you are valued as not only a customer but a person. One of the belief statements that the shop has is that everyone deserves to feel special. This is an extremely important quality to me because I feel like in this day and age, making people feel special and valued can often be put on the back burner. Putting someone before yourself, even in the smallest way, can make the world of difference.

They have a multitude of fun and original lattes like the “Caramel Marvel”, the “Sugar Bear”, and the “White Lightning” latte as well. The first day we made it out to “Biggby” we all three decided to try their iced coffee. I judge a place based on its iced coffee, and this shop surely did pass the test! The iced coffee with the added hazelnut syrup was incredible without being too sweet. The iced coffee was quite refreshing and gave us the amount of energy we needed to conquer our Black Friday shopping. “Biggby” has an email and text V.I.P club where you can sign up and get discounts and other offers. If you know me, you know I love a good deal and I think having these special offers and deals really shows how much “Biggby” values their customers, especially the frequent flyers. Later in the week we were able to come back to the shop and receive our free drink for signing up to receive their texts. It was such a sweet treat and gave us a perfect opportunity to get hooked on another one of their amazing drinks. I tried the “Caramel Marvel” and it was delicious. I adore caramel and this drink definitely satisfied my caramel craving without being too rich. Madison got the same thing, what can we say, we’re obsessed with caramel! Her favorite part of the drink was the balance of the strong coffee with the flavoring and the fact that the caramel flavor was not so powerful to where you could not taste the coffee. Something else special about this shop is that they also have quality teas. Our mom, not a big coffee fan, is now a huge fan of the black tea at “Biggby”. She likes her tea strong and that is just what they had at “Biggby”.

This coffee shop truly knocked my socks off in more ways than one. The friendliness of the employees definitely makes an impression. When we were sitting at a table and waiting for our drinks another woman came in and said that she received a free drink coupon for her birthday but forgot the coupon. The employees at “Biggby” were sweet and gracious and told the woman that that was not a problem and they would make her a complementary birthday drink. It is little things like that that make the world of difference. This shop truly treats each person as a treasure and I adore that. While “Biggby” is a franchise, you will only find one in the DFW area and a few in the Houston area. This is truly a special shop with some incredible coffee and people! If you are looking for something to brighten your day, I highly encourage you to drop what you are doing and head over to a “Biggby” coffee shop near you!


Allie Boykin

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