“Benny’s Bagels” in McKinney, TX

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Hidden gems. If you know me by now, you know I’m all about finding amazingly cool places where you would least expect them to be. I believe that “Benny’s Bagels” is a hidden gem in McKinney. When you hear the name of the shop, you automatically think they only have one thing and one thing only, bagels. Fortunately enough, though, that is not the case. “Benny’s Bagels” actually has a full coffee menu to choose from. I remember those hip high school days and swinging by “Benny’s Bagels” and grabbing a delicious iced coffee and a bacon cream cheese bagel. Those were some good memories!

“Benny’s Bagels” is located in the middle of a strip center, so it can unfortunately be easy to overlook. But don’t do that. When you walk inside, it is truly like walking into your grandma’s house. The “breakfast room” style tables and chairs, hanging plants, holiday green and cream textured walls, and wooden siding and¬†cupboards make you feel as if you are in the home of a family member. The inside of the shop is like stepping back into the early 2000s, but in the very best possible way. “Benny’s Bagels” is warm and comfortable inside which is not something you would necessarily expect from the outside looking in. There is definitely a nostalgic feel to the shop and that definitely has me coming back. You will find every age and stage chilling and enjoying “Benny’s Bagels”. In the shop you will see groups of high school kids hanging out together, young families with little children, and older couples enjoying each other’s company.

As you can imagine, this shop as an abundance of different and creative bagels to choose from. They also have some yummy looking lunch options too. But most importantly, well most importantly to me anyway, is their coffee menu. They have “Benny’s roast” drip coffee and iced coffee and several other delicious options. I am hooked on their iced coffee so that is what I ordered during this visit. I got a shot of hazelnut in my coffee and a little splash of cream. Benny’s blend is absolutely amazing and has a bold flavor. The sweetness of the hazelnut syrup was the perfect mix in with the strong brew.

“Benny’s Bagels” is such a sweet hometown shop and a great place to stop by on the way to work or school. The unique bagel options paired with the scrumptious coffee truly makes this shop a prime place to spend your time! Head over to “Benny’s” and grab a bagel and steaming cup of Joe!

Love, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

Explore McKinney: http://www.bennysbagels.com http://www.visitmckinney.com  

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