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Coffee & Donuts…Donuts & Coffee…

 I am not sure who in the world is credited with the pairing of coffee with doughnuts. Whoever this person is, or was, is truly a genius. In all seriousness, doughnuts and coffee are an incredibly tasty match. If you are looking for this amazing combination in all of its glory, skip on down to “Babe’s” in Bryan, Texas. “Babe’s” is a relatively new business in Bryan. When I first heard about “Babe’s” I thought it was simply another doughnut shop, boy was I wrong. They serve delicious coffee that honestly knocked me off my feet. The shop has an interesting vintage look. You can definitely tell that “Babe’s” used to be some kind of old drive in or maybe an old auto repair business. That is something that I really like though. I love it when people turn old buildings that you do not think could ever be used for something like a coffee and doughnut shop and they totally transform it into something unique and beautiful. They could have bulldozed the old building and popped in a predictable brick rectangle structure, but they didn’t. The creativity and resourcefulness is much appreciated and loved by me! When you walk into “Babe’s” you are greeted with the sight of the long front counter sided with two different shades of wood displaying all of the sugary goodness. The menu is behind the counter written with chalkboard paint (LOVE) with vanity lights shining above it giving it a little bedazzled look. The glossy white subway tiles and the peek through window to the kitchen with trendy plants on the seal ties the look together perfectly. All around the shop are beautiful wood tables with comfy seating and metal bar stools. The mix of wood and metal is done seamlessly in “Babe’s” and I really enjoy their style. There is a cozy area in a corner with a chalkboard wall. On one side of the wall there is the “Babe’s Doughnut Co.” logo. On the other side of the wall, right above the purple/grayish velvet comfy couch, are fun doodles of doughnuts, Edison bulbs, and baking utensils. There are baking necessities hanging on the wall like a rolling pin, a whisk, and a wooden spoon. As you know by this point, little touches like that really make a place for me. There are also Edison bulbs hung above all of the tables by the windows. I think this is such a cute and creative way to tie together a modern, yet vintage look, as well.



It was love at first sip. My first coffee from “Babe’s” probably did not even last me ten minutes. The first time I went to “Babe’s”, and this time, I got their 12 hour cold brew. I’m not normally a cold brew person, but, and I repeat but, “Babe’s” cold brew is unlike any cold brew I have ever tried. No, I’m not just saying that. I would go way out of my way to purchase and drink their cold brew. If you can’t tell, I’m quite a fan of their cold brew. Madison got the sweet iced latte and she absolutely adored it. She preferred the sweeter taste of the latte to that of the stronger cold brew. Honestly, I would love to try everything on their menu. There is one creative drink that I’m dying to try, but I am a tad bit nervous to. It is called “The Rising Sun” and it is two shots of espresso with orange juice. I’m so down to try, I just need to go for it!

The coffee beans that this shop uses are the same beans that we found “Filtered” used in Downtown McKinney. “Babe’s” uses “Cuvee Coffee”, which is based in Austin. Again, I love it when shops embrace other Texas business and use Texas beans. As if the coffee wasn’t amazing on its own, the doughnuts that are served at the shop are absolutely divine. I have tried two different kinds of doughnuts at this shop. I have had a chocolate doughnut with chocolate and caramel drizzle on top. That doughnut was delicious and the perfect amount of sweetness to compliment my cold brew. This time, though, I got the best of the best. I don’t know if I’ll be able to try another doughnut next time because this one might have me hooked for good. I tried the maple bacon doughnut and it was incredible. I’m obsessed with bacon already, but when you pair it with maple on an already awesome doughnut… Oh man, I’m a goner. My roommate’s tried the kolaches and the old fashioned doughnut and had nothing but positive things to say about them. The maple bacon doughnut was a little too sweet for one of my roommates, it’s definitely not for everyone. But there’s more than enough choices and options for you to pair your perfect tasting doughnut with your absolute favorite coffee choice.

I’m so glad “Babe’s” came to Bryan. I have a little but more time left in the area as a college student and I’m sure many, many trips to this shop are in my future… And maybe another cold brew and maple bacon doughnut (or two, hehe).

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Allie Boykin, Erin Ender, and Haylee Ward

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