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You know the Texas that they portray in movies, the romantically southern small town with the open fields and some rolling hills? I would say that that portrayal is the perfect description of Belton, Texas. Some may beg to differ, and that’s okay. But I think that the rustic downtown and the small central Texas charm rings true to what many people picture Texas as. You can even stop by the “Bell County Museum” and discover the culture and history of Central Texas and the town of Belton. Nothing says “Texan” more than adventuring around and discovering new things. At Lake Belton you can do just that and enjoy the beautiful sunset among the hills while doing so. And not being too far away from Austin, only one hour to be exact, Belton is the perfect place to go and discover when on the way to hit up the big city. We are fortunate enough to have family that lives in the area so we were able to have a reason to come this way to the Central Texas area. 


“Arusha Coffee Company” is located in the rustically charming downtown Belton. It is in the old Fellrath building that is a recorded historic landmark. The building first served as a hardware and buggy shop and then housed a grain company. I truly believe that history adds so much to a space and gives it such character that can not be seen in newer structures. The building is absolutely beautiful and definitely exudes Texan vibes with the native brick and lovely round arched doors and windows. When you first give the building a glance, it automatically gives a great impression with its unique style that you don’t see everyday. The corbeled brick cornice at the roofline is amazing and a wonderful touch that looked great against the bright blue skies with cotton ball clouds. If you want to sit outside and soak in the small town Texas charm, you definitely can. There are a few tables and chairs outside; there’s even an old time newspaper dispenser displaying the latest copy of the “Belton Journal” to flip through. Upon walking inside the shop I was struck with the charm of the Lone Star State. Immediately, as you walk in to your right, sits a cow-skin western looking couch with beautiful woodwork on the arms and the top. Behind the couch is the same local brick used outside. There is a wooden framed Texas flag and a bull skull, painted the colors of the Texas Flag perfectly mounted above the couch. This area makes for the absolute perfect picture spot. We were lucky enough to capture an adorable candid picture of our grandparents in this cute area of the shop. The floors are vintage wood and there is a Native American statue to greet you right as you walk into the shop. How many places can say that? “Arusha Coffee Company” is an extremely large place with three different levels. There is an upstairs area, the on-level area, and a downstairs area. You are assured to find the perfect place to study for your next test, have a serious conversation with a friend, or catch up with family. The stone walls, gray wood paneling, and the white wooden banister work well together in creating the western atmosphere of the shop. Although there are western vibes in the shop, there is also an artistic side as well. There are beautiful paintings and artworks hanging for all to enjoy while sipping on their delicious beverages. The counter where you order is pushed to the very back of the shop so it gives you a great excuse to check out all of the cool aspects of the shop. There is a tall shelf of canisters of tea leaves and different roasts of coffee side by side. You definitely can not complain about there not being enough choices, that’s for sure. Around the shop are plenty of cute tea pots, French presses, and other coffee and tea making necessities. One of my favorite pieces hanging on the wall is the story of why the coffee house is called “Arusha”. The legend talks about a time long ago when coffee was first discovered and a creature was found gorging beans. She then turned into a beautiful nymph and was healed of weakness. I adore when there are unique stories behind names of shops and different businesses. There is definitely a story behind “Arusha Coffee Company” that no other shop can match.


“Arusha Coffee Company” roasts their own beans and as I said before, has many different roasts to choose from. Although it was a steamy August day, I was really craving a French Press roast. I chose beans from Maui and they were incredible. My coffee had a strong taste without being too acidic. Kaylee ordered her normal, iced coffee with hazelnut syrup and a little bit of half and half. It was not her absolute favorite version of the drink, but said that it was not bad by any means. An iced white mocha is what Madison got at the shop and she said it was refreshing for the hot summer day and not too heavy. A sign that really caught my eye in “Arusha Coffee Company” said, “If you find yourself in the need of a good meal or a drink, yet you may be too embarrassed to ask because you do not have enough money. Come to the Counter with pride, we are so happy to help those in need.” Now that makes the biggest statement of all. This is truly an accepting and caring place that takes you in as you are, as it should be. 

Belton, Texas, is a neat town and “Arusha Coffee Company” is a place that is truly all its own. The small town rustic feel of the downtown and this coffee shop will surely make you fall in love with it. Sit back, relax, enjoy the rolling hills and some scrumptious Arusha coffee.


Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

This blog post is in memory of our Uncle Wade, who lived in Belton and was very supportive of our blog. We love you so very much.

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