Anchor Bakery and Expresso Bar in Windsor, Ontario

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A new Texan Traveler adventure for you!

When traveling, especially in another country, it’s so fun to see what the coffee shops there have to offer. My first time in Canada presented me with a shop that definitely did not disappoint! If you, you adventurous Texan you, find yourself in Windsor, Ontario, Anchor is the coffee shop for you!

Here’s what you need to know about Anchor:

Appearance? When you first walk up to the shop, there is a welcoming chalk sign on the snowy walkway. The storefront consists of cool brick stone and a super nice anchor logo. When we made our way into the shop, it was bustling with activity. The interior has a simplistic style with warm touches to make the shop inviting and warm. I loved the contrasts of the white, the black, and the wood. One of my favorite parts of Anchor is the chalk board wall with the lovely and fun chalk mural that says, “Make the world better with coffee”. Love it!

Do I come here to chill, study, or socialize? Even though this isn’t the biggest shop in the world, there’s plenty of seating for all three! There are a few community long tables and individual tables. We sat at one of the long tables to socialize, while there were girls right next to us that were college students who were studying. There were also people that were having business meetings and hanging out. If you’re a tourist like me, this is a great place to get some “Canada necessities”! I got a bottle of locally made maple syrup and some locally roasted coffee beans. They also have items like cute shirts and coffee mugs!

Coffee? Anchor serves Chance Coffee Roasters that is a local roaster in Windsor. I ordered an iced Americano, sure it might have been freezing outside with snow on the ground, but I was feeling it! The americano had a distinct taste and it wasn’t too strong like others can be. My friend, Emily, ordered her usual mocha. She said that it was the perfect temperature and she could drink it right away. Emily stated that the mocha had a strong coffee taste, a light chocolate taste, and it was extremely creamy (which she loved). There was even a sweet latte art heart in her mocha! It’s the little things. The one thing that my friend Montanna wanted from Canada was some coffee, so I grabbed a bag of the Heart Eyes blend that has tastes of chocolate, nuts, and cream. Something that was pretty cool was that when you bought a bag of coffee, you got a drink for free. I wish every shop did something like that! So, naturally, I had to get drink #2. I was really feeling like a vanilla latte; you can’t go wrong with that, right? RIGHT! It was one of the best vanilla lattes that I have ever had! It has been a while since I have had a vanilla latte and this one made me not want to wait long to have my next one. I loved the cool latte art and super natural tasting flavor.

The mocha.

Drive thru? No. There’s parallel parking really close on the street in front of the residential houses.

Food options? This coffee shop is also a bakery, so naturally there are going to be some tasty options. I was so full, so I didn’t try any of the delicious looking food. Emily ordered a blueberry scone that was excellent with a high walnut taste to it. It also looked like they had some lunch options if you are looking for something more substantial.

The vanilla latte.

What stuck out to you about this shop? Two things… 1.) The people there were so sweet!! I told them right away that I was from the states because they guessed it pretty quickly. Could it be the Texan accent? That doesn’t make it obvious at all!

They let me embrace my inner tourist without looking down on me for it. When we left, like three employees said bye to us at different times and all in the most genuine of ways. It was so thoughtful. Very friendly people that want you to have a great experience! 2.) If you order hot drinks in house they come in cute and unique cups and saucers that look like they are a type of pottery. The cups are a creamy brown color and the saucers are turquoise. Like I said before, it’s all about the little things. The cups and saucers are both a nice touch that really add to the experience and look great for pictures!

If you find yourself in Canada, Windsor especially, you should visit Anchor! They will greet you with warm smiles and a warm beverage to help you get through the chilly day!

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