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Getaway weekends with friends are the best weekends. These weekends are better, though, with friends you do not get to see too often. A couple of good friends from back home in Mckinney were able to come spend the weekend with us. We had an excuse to leave College Station and explore Houston for the weekend because we had our sorority formal there in Downtown. As I have expressed before, I love Houston and I think it is an amazing place. My Uncle lives in the area and he gave Madison and I some rad recommendations for coffee shops in the Downtown Houston area. When I was looking up the different shops they all seemed cool and special in their own way. “Agora” was on the list that my uncle gave me and that shop caught my eye from the get-go. The unique exterior and cool outdoor seating immediately catches your attention. There is shrubbery surrounding the outdoor seating which neatly tucks you away and gives you privacy when sitting outside. The entrance has a unique green marble portico with the name of the shop easily seen on it in “greek” font. The windows have adorable green and white linings above them and siding.


I was interested in the name, “Agora” when I looked the shop up, and I wondered what it meant in Greek. The literal meaning of the word is “gathering place”, and upon walking inside the shop that name rings very true. “Agora” has an extremely homey feel to it, as if it was simply a large house where everyone is just hanging out. The lighting inside of “Agora” is dim and it adds to the coziness factor. All around the shop are cool greek paintings, art work, masks and photos. There are clocks hung up displaying the time of different places around the world like Houston, Athens, London, etc. I thought that was a cool touch and neat way to tie all of the places together. One of my favorite parts of “Agora” was the upstairs seating. To go upstairs you have to go up some extremely steep wooden stairs, but that brief workout is well worth it. The upstairs is basically a balcony that looks down on the entire downstairs. The upstairs is a huge square with the middle cut out, because that is the view to the first level. There is a wide variety of plush couches, unique chairs, and neat wood tables to choose from both up and downstairs.¬†Something that stood out to me in the downstairs part of “Agora” was the Juke box! It was a modern looking machine that fit the style and atmosphere of the shop to a tee.



The drink I ordered was the Greek Iced Coffee. It was very strong and had the consistency of normal iced coffee and a frappuccino. I can honestly say that I have never had a drink like it before and I have never seen that drink anywhere else before. I would definitely order the drink again! Madison ordered a caramel frappuccino and she was a big fan of it. My friend, Brooke, got the Texas Pecan Coffee. I really loved how “Agora” seamlessly integrates the Greek culture in with the Texas and Houston culture as well. I think that concept is amazing and something special. There is definitely a reason “Agora” was rated¬†“Best Coffeehouse” by Houston Press!


“Agora” is a short drive to the heart of Downtown Houston. I highly encourage a trip to Discovery Green when visiting the area. Discovery Green is a great place to bring your delicious “Agora” coffee to sip on and walk around and explore. There are cool places to take pictures, sometimes there is live music, and there are restaurants to visit as well. This was an amazing place to enjoy the beautiful day and the beautiful city of Houston.


“Agora”- I am a fan!! Next time we are in the Houston area I can not wait to show this place off!

Love, Allie Bokyin

Photos by Madison Boykin and Montanna Christoffersen. 

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