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A hometown hidden gem. 


Don’t you just hate it when something is right under your nose but you just miss it? That is exactly how I feel about visiting “A Bakery” for the first time. I have been driving by the shop on a daily basis for the past year it has been opened and I have to admit, the cute and inviting sign has caught my eye a few times but I just haven’t made it in. I love bakeries and everything about them but I never managed to venture inside and kept going to my normal spots. It wasn’t until recently when the awesome blog, Be McKinney, that highlights everything you need to know about McKinney, mentioned “A Bakery” and I was inspired to visit. Be Mckinney displayed some of the shop’s amazing food and pastry options as well as delicious coffee that they serve. I had no earthly idea that they had a coffee menu and was ecstatic to know that McKinney has yet another original shop with not only coffee but fantastic hand crafted pastries and breads.

“A Bakery” opened about a year ago and the owner has quite a cool personal journey that she went on that lead to opening the adorable shop. In college she had a friend send her an “easy” recipe to make cookies and she did. It turns out that the recipe really wasn’t easy and the “cookies” that she made were actually macaroons. She graduated from college and quickly learned that what she pursued in college was not what she wanted to do with her life. She loved the art and challenge of baking. She started selling macaroons in a farmers market but wanted to do more. She worked for an artisan bread maker and then went to pastry school. She opened “A Bakery” in McKinney about a year ago coming from Utah and is now much closer to some family members. Besides having wonderful handmade breads, pastries, other goodies and sandwiches, the coffee menu has all of the essentials that go great with anything else on the menu.

You can enjoy an americano, mocha, latte, cappuccino or expresso with any of the amazing desserts or pastries in the inviting atmosphere of the shop. The grayish blue and dark blue colors of the wall and wood siding give the shop a stylish but homey flair. The slick white tiles on the wall behind the counter and the cool lit “A Bakery” sign above the tile give the shop a nice modern touch that is great for any of your cute Instagram picture needs. The relaxing instrumental piano music made for the perfect atmosphere of chatting with family or friends or getting work done.

Kaylee and I each ordered a stemming French Vanilla Latte that was strong with the perfect amount of vanilla. I loved the latte but I think the next drink I will try will be one of the shop’s bestsellers, the mocha. They use an in house made chocolate ganache in the mocha and in their hot chocolate as well. I love when shops have any kind of syrup or chocolate that they make in house because it makes them stand out. “A Bakery” uses Seattle Mountain and Columbian coffee beans. We got to share the terrific coffee cake and let me tell you, it was incredible. I kept wanting to go back for more and the taste was a beautiful complement to the Vanilla Latte. We were offered a taste of one of the most popular pastry items in the shop, the Kouign Amann, and it was incredible. One day I definitely want to swing by and grab one of those tasty creations to start my day. The display case was full with other dessert treats like macaroons, tiramisu, tarts and mousse.

Having “A Bakery” here in McKinney is such a delight. There has been such a need for a craft bakery where you can have a large selection of top notch pastry and bakery items in addition to awesome coffee. “A Bakery” is a part of my daily dr

ive to work and I promise you that I will probably soon be a regular. Will I see you there next time?


Allie Boykin

Photos by Kaylee Boykin

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