Coffee Talk: Micheal

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Meet Micheal, 49 years old, Houston area I did not ever think I would ever drink coffee because I absolutely hated the smell. When I was little I remember smelling my dad’s strong coffee breath at church and I was never interested. The perception of coffee drinkers was always that it was just for older […]

“Classic Rock Coffee Co.” in Navasota, TX

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Put another dime in the juke box baby. I love themes and when places really do a great job representing something special. “Classic Rock Coffee Co.” screams “rock n roll” more than anywhere I have ever been, well except maybe Elvis’ house but that’s the only exception. You can’t compete with the king, but this […]

Coffee Talk: Madison

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 Madison, 19 years old, Houston area I started drinking coffee at my cousin’s other grandparents house by the lake and his grandparents made coffee milk for all of us. At the end of the trip they gave us mugs with bears doing different things we were doing that week. My mug had a bear running […]

Coffee Talk: Ashley

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Ashley, 23 years old, Central Texas (California Native)   I started drinking coffee during my freshman year of High School. I had a lot of classes and I started drinking coffee to stay up and study and I quickly got hooked. I would hang out with friends at coffee shops in High School, but I […]

“Biggby” in Allen, TX

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Bright colors and bright smiles. One of my absolute favorite things about coffee shops is the fact that they are all so different and have their own distinct nature and culture. Some shops have the kind of style that is dimly lit and chic, some make you feel like you’re at your grandma’s or great […]