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“Coffee, eats, and arts”.

I’ve lived in McKinney, Texas, going on twelve years and I did not even know that Plano had a downtown. If you are familiar with the DFW area at all, you know that McKinney, Frisco, Plano, and Allen are all in a pretty close radius to one another. So it would be strange to not have known that Plano had a cute little downtown area, since I do go there all the time. I was delighted to find out that they do have a downtown and it is rather adorable. I was even more pleased to find out that the next coffee shop I wanted to go to in Plano was in the downtown-yay! When you walk up the red brick sidewalk, which I already love, you immediately notice the green siding of the building and the scalloped oning that matches. It is definitely a different look, especially for the other shops around it, but I think it is very sweet. When I walked inside the shop I was not surprised to find out that it is a dimly lit because when you look through the windows from the outside looking in you really can not see anything, the windows are very tinted. If I could sum up the style of “1418 Coffeehouse” in one word I think it simply would be “fun”. The ceiling is turquoise and has the old-fashioned looking prints and indentions on it. There is a red exposed brick wall to the right and to the left a wall of wood with cool hanging art and coffee signs. The wood is not finished by any means, the wood is definitely very rough and raw. Below the raw wood is vertical kind of shiplap siding below that. The shop has sick wooden beams that separate the shop into half in a way. At the top of the beams, one of my favorite parts of the shop, are cool old windows hanging. The windows are vintage and it looked like some still had the glass and some did not. That is a design I had yet to see before and I thought it was just about the neatest thing ever. “1418 Coffeehouse” has a warm and cozy feeling with a fun twist. An example of this would be the homey curtains around the windows, but the cool strung lights around the diameter of the windows. There are comfortable, bright, and unique couches everywhere. And when I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere. There is a rich abundance of seating in this coffeehouse for sure. There are even several bar areas, one right where they make the drinks and one long wood one on the right side. The coffee shop had the right little space for everyone, whether you are working by yourself or going to chat with friends. All of the light fixtures were matching which is somewhat uncommon these days. They were all old fashioned looking copper fixtures.


I was really feeling a frozen blended drink today, it was pretty toasty outside. I got a expresso frozen blended beverage and it was excellent. I really enjoyed it and would order it again any day. Madison and Kaylee split a caramel blended drink and they gave it rave reviews as well. “1418 Coffeehouse” uses the local “Oak Cliff Roasters” like the “Crooked Tree” also used. I’m a big fan of these beans and using local roasters in the greater Dallas area.


This coffee shop and Downtown Plano were such sweet surprises and I loved every minute. The unique blend of the bright colors with the wood was definitely a visually appealing blend. I will mak

e a trip to Downtown Plano again soon I’m sure, and you should too!

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison and Kaylee Boykin

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